Furniture Placement Tips: Planning for Success in Your Living Room

Your living room is one of the most popular spaces in your home, making it crucial to arrange your furniture in a way that maximizes flow, aesthetic beauty, and overall function. Sound like a tall design order? It doesn’t have to be; knowing a few essential furniture placement tips can help you create a welcoming and inviting floor plan that friends, families, and guests will flock to whenever you spend time together. Hopefully, these insights from our Loveland furniture store and interior design business will help you make the most of your space.


Promote Face-To-Face Connection

Tired of coordinating gatherings only to have everyone spend their visiting time staring down at their phones, scrolling through social media? Create a sitting area that actually encourages your guests to talk to each other. Select a spot in the room that can accommodate at least two seating pieces and arrange them so they are facing each other. Be sure that you put them close enough together that the area feels intimate, yet still far enough apart that it doesn’t feel congested. Place a small table, bench, or chest in between to serve as a place to rest beverages and voila –let the coffee talk begin.

Set Up Zones

Large, open spaces can prove challenging from a design perspective. Use your furniture to break down the room into separate zones based on function. For example, placing a couch or loveseat facing away from the breakfast nook instantly creates a spot for conversation, entertaining, and relaxing.


Couch, Who?

Smaller rooms often don’t work with sofas and loveseats, but don’t let a smaller space discourage you. Use four plush, comfortable chairs and place each one on the corner of a shared area rug to define a seating area. Matching chairs will deliver a more uniform look. However, selecting pieces in various patterns and materials can amp up the visual interest in the room.


Strike Design Balance

Want to achieve symmetry in your living room layout? Buy matching sets of the room’s main elements, such as couches, end tables, lighting fixtures, and accent pieces and arrange coordinating layouts on each side of a focal point to deliver a sense of equilibrium in your interior.


Think Outside the Box

Just because you’re working with a square room doesn’t mean all of your furniture has to be arranged in a box. Go beyond the box by placing pieces diagonally throughout the space. Not only does diagonal placement add an element of fun to your room, but it can also introduce a readily accessible walkway into your sitting area.


Start With An L Shape

Arrange your two biggest seating pieces into an L shape to provide an instant anchor to your design. Use the seats to frame a centered coffee table, and you’ve created a spot for people to gather. Place a single chair that can be easily moved on the other side of this grouping to balance the layout and offer additional seating.


Embrace the Area Rug

A large area rug is the perfect accent to define a seating arrangement in a larger shared space. Choose a style that complements the surrounding interior design. As a general rule of thumb – your rug doesn’t have to be big enough to hold all of your furnishings; just ensure that the pieces farthest from your wall have a proper spot on the rug for design balance.


Find the Focal Point

Every successful interior design begins by finding the room’s focal point. What’s commanding attention in your living room? The fireplace? A built-in bookcase? Or, maybe just a gorgeous view? Use the focal point as the cornerstone to your design, facing all of your furniture toward that feature for maximum impact whenever you are using the room.


Define Activity Areas

Will your living room be used for multiple purposes and activities? Define specific spaces for every individual task. After you’ve outlined your seating group, choose a spot for a table and chair set that’s ready for dining, gaming, and/or puzzling. In another area, set up a large, cushy chair and ottoman with a floor lamp and side table for an ad hoc reading nook. Designing your living room to suit all of your favorite activities will ensure the final layout delivers maximum comfort and enjoyment.


Need More Help Beyond These Furniture Placement Tips?

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