Four Ways to Create a Cohesive Interior Design





Ever wonder how some show homes (or even your friends’ homes) seem to achieve that perfect interior design balance, flowing from one room to the next? Spoiler alert: It’s not just about the fancy furniture (although that helps). When selecting the right pieces from the local home decor store, Loveland residents should know a few simple tips to achieve a cohesive interior design throughout the entire space. Before you begin shopping, consider:


Consider the Whole Space


It’s very common, especially when you first buy a home, to tackle interior design and decorating one room at a time. People often start with common areas like the living room, leaving the more complicated spaces like the kitchen and bathrooms as a project for later. As a result, the final design vibe is disjointed feeling that permeates every room.


To achieve a cohesive interior design, it’s important to create a master plan that takes all rooms into account. This means considering fabrics, colors, and decor for every room in your house before you dive into the actual furnishing and decorating. Remember, planning in advance does not mean you need to decorate every room at the same time. Once you have a consistent plan you can spread out your project to minimize stress (and wallet impact).





Paint With Purpose


Before you begin furnishing and accenting, you’ll likely be painting, and the colors you choose will make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home. A qualified and experienced Estes Park interior designer will tell you that selecting a consistent color scheme is one of the crucial things you can do to achieve a feeling of unity throughout the house.


Remember, consistency does not mean that every wall has to be the same color. There’s a lot of room for creativity, but sticking to one palette will avoid clashing between rooms. Take the time to speak with a paint professional, peruse different palette swatches, and think about the colors you’ll want in each room before you pick up a brush. A pastel blue in the living room, pale green in the bathroom, and eggshell in the bedroom, perhaps? Or neutral greys in common areas, paired with soft pink or yellow in the bedroom? Plan your paint with purpose, and each room will flow naturally. Best of all, picking the right paint will set the tone (literally) when you’re ready to start adding furnishings in your home.


Avoid Overly Mixed and Matched


One of the biggest triggers of a mismatched-feeling room is having too many different styles of furniture and décor in one space. Yes, an eclectic design is very on-trend for 2019, but proceed with caution. It’s important to strike a visual balance, so the room doesn’t feel too busy, particularly for open-concept homes. Consider the sight lines of your home when deciding on styles. If you can see your living room from your dining room, you may want to go with a consistent look and feel in both spots, saving your more eclectic tastes for two rooms that aren’t adjoining.


Furnish With a Plan


Decorating a new space is one of the most exciting parts of design when moving into a new home. However, it’s easy to get carried away when shopping if your only guideline is simply to buy pieces that you love. Shopping for décor without a plan is often not enough to achieve that show-home look. For example, if you find a quality cherry coffee table, oak side tables, and a walnut console table, you may realize that they don’t work as well in your home as they did at the store. While they may be gorgeous individually, having so many different kinds of woods can quickly make your home feel disjointed.


When you begin adding fixtures, aim for balance and symmetry between the rooms. Don’t focus all of your decorating energy on the living room, and leave the next room bare. Find furniture and accents in coordinating colors and patterns, even if they are from different style genres, to pull the space together. Something as simple as a throw rug can instantly tie a room together. For example, if you want to continue the aesthetic and feel of your kitchen in your dining room, consider capturing the colors in your kitchen with a great area rug in the dining room that instantly delivers cohesion and sets the stage for the next layer of decor.


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