Flooring Trends to Try in 2019

When designing an interior, most people start with the middle of the room. They begin their design imagining the paint color, wall hangings, window treatments, fixtures, and a myriad of other eye-level home accents that they assume will play the biggest role in defining the room. However, for many living spaces, the design starting line is, literally, beneath their feet: the floors.

Leading Fort Collins flooring designers recognize that the floors can play a vital role in truly defining (or redefining) any interior space, and ultimately, setting the tone for the success of the final design. The floor is generally the first feature in a room that guests interact with, both physically and visually, making it essential to choose a product that performs well and aesthetically works with the room. Beyond mere looks, the floor is often one of the biggest line items in an interior design budget. It’s vital to choose wisely from the beginning to ensure you’re confident about your selection right from the start to avoid wasting time and money changing it later during the project.

Ready to get started? Consider some of these top flooring styles to set the tone for your home interior design:

Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse

There are countless ways to use sustainable sources throughout the floors in your home or office interiors. Reclaimed wood, bamboo, and even engineered wood are all popular options for people looking for a beautiful final design that has a lower impact on the environment. One leading contender in the “go-green” category is cork. This non-toxic material is made from the bark of the cork oak tree and when harvested properly, regenerates. Check out these ideas for cork floors. 


Yes, distressed flooring is still a thing in the interior design world. In fact, in recent years, the look has become even more popular with homeowners, particularly in rustic spaces where its worn appearance actually adds to the beauty of the room.

Black and White Tiles

What’s one vintage flooring design that’s making a major interior design comeback? Black and white tiles. However, make no mistake – these are not your grandmother’s checkered floors. Today’s black and white tiles are bright, bold, and come in a multitude of patterns to give them a modern look and feel. The best part of this design choice is that it’s versatile enough to work in both traditional and contemporary interiors.

White-Washed Woods

For people who love the appearance of wood but aren’t thrilled with the glossy, shiny stains found on traditional products, a bleached floor may prove an ideal option. Bleached (or blanched) wood has undergone a chemical process that removes the “color” of the pieces. When finished, bleached wood has a white-washed look that still showcases some of its natural graining underneath. Note: While the bleaching process can be performed on an existing floor, many homeowners find it both tedious and expensive, opting instead to work with a prefinished blanched product.

Wood Patterns

Looking for a unique way to use wooden flooring in your space? Go beyond the conventional side-by-side layout of each piece and arrange the planks in a pattern for a unique, eye-catching design. Whether it’s alternating different colors or laying individual pieces to create a Herringbone design, there are countless ways to get creative using patterns with your wood flooring in virtually any room in your home.

Wood-Look Tiles

Love the durability of tiles but yearn for the warmth and elegance of wood? Wood-look tiles may prove your ideal flooring solution. Today’s wood-look tiles are amazingly realistic and come in a multitude of colors, styles, and designs so you can pick a highly durable, yet beautiful product that finishes your space.

Work With a Professional Flooring Designer for Project Success

Still not sure what flooring option will work in your upcoming home interior design? The best way to help avoid a flooring disaster in your design is to partner with a professional Fort Collins flooring designer like Niche Design House. A reputable flooring designer will have insight on the latest tips and trends to quickly pull your space together for a final cohesive and seamless look. Additionally, your chosen flooring designer will also have an established professional network that includes manufacturers and distributors, so you’ll enjoy instant access to cutting-edge products for optimal performance at budget-friendly price points.

Ready to create a stylish and functional flooring plan you’ll love? Contact us today to hear more.