Five Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Refresh Your Family Room


For many of us, the family room serves as a favorite hub – that warm, comfy place where everyone loves to gather and spend quality time, making it one of the most important parts of our home. Unfortunately, when it comes to updating an interior design, Loveland homeowners often overlook the family room. If it’s been a while since the family room in your home received a little TLC, it’s officially time to schedule an interior design rehab. Here are five tips to help you breathe new life into a dated family room.


Refresh the Paint


A little paint can go a long way when it comes to updating your interior design. If the color on your walls feels a bit stale, consider freshening up your family room with an entirely different shade throughout the space. Or, create an accent wall using two colors or wallpaper. If your budget allows, add decorative trim in the room by installing crown molding or a chair rail painted in a color that complements the tone on your wall. A fresh coat of paint revitalizes your space and can help inspire some updated furnishings and accent pieces.

Mix Things Up

Experiment with an entirely new style in the room. What’s a current trend that’s already showing signs of staying power? Mixing two or more design genres in the space for an eclectic final look. For example, if your family room has a more traditional feel, consider including modern furnishings or accents. If you have modern furniture, add some vintage pieces or soften it up with some French country or bohemian accents. If you prefer traditional furniture, liven it up with old Hollywood glam, or add a few decorative industrial elements. Tastefully combining styles will not only bring new energy into the space, but will make your home feel unique and give it character.

Restyle With Purpose

The purpose of a family room is to be a gathering place, but this can mean many different things based on your crew’s hobbies, habits, and lifestyle. Your family room should be a reflection of the people in it. If you have the space, try incorporating some functional components that your family will love and find useful. Maybe this means adding a reading nook complete with cubbies and comfy pillows. It could be a craft corner, or an area dedicated to your family’s favorite board and video games. The interior design of any space should be planned according to what works for your lifestyle. Carving out even just a small part of the room for something special will make the entire room feel brand new.

Incorporate New Accents

Selecting new furnishings is fun – as long as the budget allows for it. Fortunately, you don’t need to do an entire overhaul of your furniture to refresh a space. Try swapping out the accent pieces that surround and complement your furniture. Add some textured throw pillows, look for a coordinating rug, and hang vibrant paintings for a cohesive look. Replace old blankets, swap out window treatments, and never underestimate the power of a vase of fresh-cut flowers or house plants. Bringing in new accents also delivers the perfect (an inexpensive) opportunity to incorporate some color if your family room has a lot of neutrals.

Rethink Storage

A family room makeover is also an opportunity to evaluate how you’re storing things in the space. Now may be a perfect time to downsize your storage options. For example, are you still using a large clunky TV stand to store the 200 DVDs you never watch because you prefer to stream your movies? Swap it out for a smaller piece for a streamlined look that makes the room feel larger.

Or, maybe you find you need more storage to accommodate all of your family’s stuff during this phase of life. Do you have a dedicated place for extra blankets, such as an ottoman or basket? Could floating shelves or an open bookcase help reduce all the clutter that’s constantly littering your coffee table? Even the smallest of adjustments when it comes to storage space can make your family room feel much bigger and more functional.

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