Five Creative Ways to Use a Bonus Room





Have a room that you’re not quite sure what to do with? You officially have a “bonus” room – an added space that doesn’t necessarily have an obvious purpose, granting you endless options to utilize it based on the needs, lifestyle, and even sheer whim of your family. The best part about bonus rooms is that they are typically easily converted into a wide range of uses. With a little inspiration and a trip to a favorite furniture store, Loveland homeowners can quickly start optimizing the use of these spaces.





Here are five creative ways to use your Loveland bonus room:


Guest Haven


Find you regularly have visitors from out of town but don’t have a dedicated space for them? A bonus room is the perfect place to create a hotel-like getaway that provides some much-needed privacy for everyone in your home.


When furnishing and decorating, think about all the things you love having in a hotel room (minus the room service): a big comfy bed, plenty of storage space, the ability to relax and watch TV, and somewhere to spread out your stuff and get ready. Give your guests the same treatment. Head to a furniture store and select pieces your guests will need and appreciate—a dresser for their clothes, bedside tables for their phones, maybe a luggage rack and a cabinet dedicated to fresh towels and toiletries. Finish the space with wall hangings and accents that complement the color palette, for a welcoming and relaxing retreat your guests will love.


Productivity Space


Home office space is a premium commodity in many homes, particularly when one (or more) residents work from home. Even if you already have a dedicated home office, a second designated “productivity” space can come in handy. Envision a room where you can work or study, your kids can do homework, you can pay the bills, and write out those thank you cards. If it needs to get done, this can be the space in which to do it.


Furnish the room with all of the productivity essentials: work desks, a bookshelf, filing cabinets, storage pieces, drawing tables, organization bins, and comfortable seating. If you know you’ll spend a lot of time in there, throw in a mini fridge for some refreshment breaks, and don’t forget the work essentials like whiteboards, bulletin boards, and an office supply cabinet.


Ultimate Sport and Game Room


Maybe you already have a guest room and a perfectly acceptable home office. Or, maybe you’d rather use your extra space for something a little more exciting than paying bills. Dedicate your bonus room to recreation activities by creating the ultimate game room. Video games, poker table, pool table, shuffleboard, dartboard, table tennis – the sky is pretty much the limit when outfitting your room with items your family will use and enjoy.


Of course, nothing says your game room has to be just for the kids. This space can also be the ultimate party and hosting room, so when it comes to furnishing, think about incorporating lots of seating. Include plush recliners for video gaming as well as tables for food and drinks. High-top tables also work perfectly in a game room. Finally, don’t forget about the chalkboard to keep score and the storage cabinet for board games.


Home for Hobbies


Because your bonus room can be anything you want it to be, why not create a space where you can escape to spend time doing your favorite things that might take up too much space elsewhere in the home? Maybe you love to paint and draw, or work on puzzles. Perhaps you’re an avid video gamer, or have a podcast you record out of your home. Whether it’s model ships, jewelry making, candle making, blogging or ceramics, your bonus room allows you the opportunity to fully dedicate yourself to your craft. Decorate the room based on your favorite activities, furnishing the space with large tables, comfortable chairs, work desks, and good lighting.


Wellness Retreat


In our busy world, it’s more important than ever to have a space in which we can truly disconnect—somewhere we can avoid interruptions and distractions, and focus exclusively on relaxation. A wellness retreat may be exactly what your home is missing. Envision a space dedicated to whatever helps you relax, unwind, and focus on your mental and physical health.


Your bonus room could take the form of a yoga studio, a meditation center, a Pilates studio, or cardio room. It could have a big comfy couch and all of your favorite books or journaling materials. Furnish the space with a focus on comfort and relaxation. Think oversized couches, peaceful decor, mirrors, big pillows, and storage options to avoid clutter in the space.


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