Interior Design Tips to Make Your First Place Feel Like Home

Moving into your first home is an exciting life milestone. However, for many first time homeowners, the interior design journey is a long, slow process full of indecision when trying to decide where (and how) to start updating the new spaces – but it doesn’t have to be. Don’t be intimidated at the thought of creating your first grownup living space in your new home. Follow a few simple tips from Estes Park interior decorators to put together a d├ęcor you’ll love that gives your home a polished, mature overall vibe that still conveys your own personal style.

Add Plants

Let’s face it; nothing says successful adulting like taking care of actual living plants. Even adding just one or two potted plants to your rooms will instantly make your space feel more cozy and welcoming. If you’re worried about the care factor, select low-maintenance options like a cactus, succulent, or even a philodendron. However, if you’re feeling confident that you’ll keep these living things, well, alive, go for something a little leafier, like a Monstera plant.

Up Your Throw Pillow Game

Decorative pillows are affordable, fun, and quickly pull together virtually any living space, making them a must-have accessory in any Estes Park home. The first step in an effective throw cushion execution: decide the purpose of your pillows. Will you use them to hide stains on the couch you hauled over from your last apartment? Are you hoping they will introduce your chosen color palette? Do you need something to serve as an inexpensive focal point in the space? Knowing how you’ll use them can help you zero in on the right size, shape, and color to beautify the room.

Frame It

Owning a home means it’s no longer okay to hang unframed artwork, posters, and pictures with a thumbtack or double-sided tape to your walls. Go through favorite pieces you’ve accumulated over the years and frame them. You don’t have to break the bank choosing expensive materials and custom-styles. Scour your local flyers for coupons at nearby crafts stores so you can find beautiful frames at budget-friendly price points. Once you have everything all framed up, create a gallery display on one of the most expansive walls in the home.

Invest in Curtains

Like many first time homeowners, you may believe that curtains and window treatments don’t offer much value in your interior designs when you have so many other things you need. However, curtains instantly create cohesion in the space, adding plenty of eye-level color and interest when used in the room. Beyond pure aesthetic appeal, drapes can also deliver some much-needed privacy and may even help reduce your utility bills. Remove the cheap, plastic vertical blinds that came from the previous owners and replace them with some plush curtain panels.

Purchase Soap Dispensers

Sure you can get away with leaving both hand and dish soap in the original packaging it comes in when you’re renting an apartment. However, homeownership provides the perfect opportunity to upgrade your soap distribution methods by using a dispenser. Decant your soap into a stylish container that works with the existing color scheme to give your kitchen and bathroom sinks a little sophistication and polish.

Use a Coffee Table Tray

Even veteran homeowners fall into the habit of throwing everything all over the coffee table, resulting in an unsightly, unorganized mess. Eliminate the risk of a messy coffee table with a decorative tray that can be placed on the surface of the table. Fill your tray with standard items like books, remote controls, and coasters. Also, include a few eye-catching accents to complete the look. The best part about the coffee table tray is you can easily pick it up and remove everything in one swoop when you need extra surface space.

Get Rid of Mismatched Kitchen Items

Yes, there’s something to be said for strategically displaying mismatched plates, glasses, and coffee mugs throughout your kitchen. However, a hodgepodge of items shoved into your kitchen cabinets can instantly make your home feel like a dorm room. Get rid of your mismatched items by donating or recycling them and invest in matching sets of what you’ll use most. You don’t have to purchase a complete service for eight right away. Even buying pieces in sets of four can help you have enough in your cabinets when company comes over to see your new home.

Whether you’re decorating your first home or staging your property for a downsize, Niche Design House has the interior design experience to beautify all of your living spaces. Contact us today to hear more.