Essential Wall Art Trends That Finish Your Space

You’ve installed the main elements, rearranged the furniture, and painted your new room – mission accomplished, right? Not just yet. While many homeowners assume a space is finished as soon as the paint dries, there’s still one key element needed to officially consider a room complete: wall art. When integrated into an existing space, wall decor yields a multitude of visual benefits, including:


Think that only paintings fall into the wall art category? Guess again. Virtually anything you hang on your walls fulfills the requirements of artistic expression, making the sky the limit during the selection process. Choose pieces that not only complement the room’s decor but also resonate with you on a personal level. Whether it’s a keepsake or family heirloom or an image that simply makes you smile every time you view it, you can use your interior walls as a way to personalize the space for a truly unique final look.

Introduce Color

Soft neutral shades are a popular interior color palette, for a multitude of reasons. However, nothing says you can’t infuse some bold and vibrant shades into your design. Wall accent art offers a perfect opportunity to add colorful accents that counteract an otherwise relatively subdued surrounding space. Best of all, if you tire of your artwork, you can easily switch it out with other pieces for a new look that doesn’t require repainting the entire room.

Develop A Focal Point

Some spaces have a natural focal point such as a fireplace, bookcase, staircase, or window seat. However, more nondescript rooms may lack that one accent that instantly commands attention. Enter wall decor. A large piece sized to suit the biggest wall in the room can immediately make a statement as the most prominent and noteworthy feature in the area. Bonus Note: Not only can hanging artwork serve as your focal point, but it’s also an easy way to introduce visual texture to an interior that seems too monochromatic or one-dimensional.

Top Trends To Help You Pick The Right Piece For Your Interior Design

Like any interior accents, wall art trends change, shift, and evolve, making it challenging to start on top with the latest looks and designs. Knowing a few on-point fixtures can help transform your wall into a visual masterpiece. Some trends to consider include:

Gold Frames

Gold is making a serious interior design comeback, rearing its illustrious finish everywhere from light fixtures to cabinet knobs (and a wide range of everything in between). Fortunately, it’s easy to include this metal on your wall. Find several images that you like and frame each one in a gold frame for a gilded look that redefines the space.

Photo Shelf

Use a color coordinating picture shelf to display your artwork without having to hang every picture individually. Want to add just a bit more visual interest? Lower the shelf, making it about the same height as where you’d hand the bottom of a photo frame and rest multiple pieces on it.

Dangle Accents At Different Lengths

Using a decorative rod or branch, hang framed pieces at different lengths on your wall. Dangling the artwork creates an added layer of texture and dimension to the space.

Make Old New Again

If your room has a rustic vibe, you should consider hanging antiques on the wall to complement the existing décor. Matching your items is fine, but you don’t have to in order to create a finalized look. Check out your local consignment shops or neighborhood yard sales to find older items like plates, pottery, frames, and trinkets that can be hung for a one-of-a-kind finish that seamlessly blends new world design with old world charm.

Display Your Favorite Collection

Many of us have various collections stashed in a drawer somewhere. Your interior walls are the perfect canvas to display some of your favorite collectibles. Frame old comic books and strategically hang throughout the space, add shelving at varying heights for all your old cameras, or install wall hooks for the handles of your assortment of coffee mugs. Creatively using your walls as the backdrop to your collections gets these pieces out from the back of your closets and instantly personalizes your interior.

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