7 Essential Home Furnishings for Any Home

You probably agree that there are essential home furnishings every home needs. The furnishings in your Loveland home are an integral part of the final design. A single accent piece can transform the entire look and feel of a room, making it important to find items that complement the space’s existing layout. Beyond aesthetics, home furnishings must also be practical and versatile to serve in a multitude of purposes throughout various spots in your house. No pressure, right?


Fortunately, it is easy to find home furnishings at a quality Loveland furniture store that tick off every box on your checklist. Knowing a few go-anywhere, go-to pieces to place in your house can ensure that your interiors are both beautiful and functional. Here’s a list of seven furnishings you should include in your Loveland home:


Coffee Table

Some recent trends omit this living room staple in favor of freeing up more floor space. However, there’s a reason the coffee table is a classic home furnishing option. When strategically placed in the center of your living room, the coffee table visually connects all the surrounding d├ęcor items. More importantly, the coffee table serves multiple functions, especially when entertaining guests. Many designs offer built-in storage for added functionality. Decorate the surface of the table with fun accents or floral arrangements for added visual appeal.

Console Table

A console table is an excellent way to anchor wall space that would otherwise not get used. Choose a console that works with the size of your wall and decorate its surface with vases, sculptures, books, or other accents to personalize your living area. For a little added visual boost, hang artwork or a mirror centered just above the table.


Extra Chairs/Stools

One of the best features of many essential home furnishings is their mobility. Case in point: extra chairs. Having a few extra chairs or seats can prove critical when entertaining large groups (or accommodating unexpected guests). Look for chairs or even stools that stack on top of each other so you can take them out as needed and store them out of sight when you’re done.



Speaking of extra seating, a large ottoman can also serve as a comfortable place to sit when guests come over. Beyond chair duties, an ottoman can also function as a footrest and even a stand-in coffee table. Ottomans come in a broad range of sizes, styles, and materials, making it easy to find a piece that works with the rest of your design. Additionally, some models even offer built-in storage for easy accessibility in playrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and pretty much anywhere else in your home.


Even before serving as the place where most of us charge our phones, nightstands were must-have furnishings in bedrooms everywhere. These small bedside tables have been part of nightly routines for generations, offering a resting place for our alarm clocks, books, and glasses of water. Built-in nightstands provide an extra level of architectural appeal and can even help save on space for smaller bedrooms. Also, choosing a design with extra storage capabilities can further the versatility of the piece.

Bedroom Bench

This home furnishing eliminates the need of you ever having to sit on your bed to get dressed in the morning. In addition to seating, bedroom benches can also provide extra storage space; perfect for pillows, blankets, or any manner of clutter you need to quickly hide out of sight before company arrives.


Wall Hangings

Many people are reluctant to hang things in a space simply because they don’t want to put nail holes in their wall, leaving their rooms looking bland and nondescript. The wall hangings in your space can serve as a focal point or merely complement an existing surrounding design. This makes them a versatile, must-have piece in pretty much every room (and completely worth the risk of nail holes). Choose something bright and bold to balance a neutral wall color, or select a subtle piece if your paint choice is darker and deeper. You can also choose to use photographs of various sizes to make your walls more personalized and distinctive.


Are you looking for the perfect furniture pieces or decorative home accessories to bring a cohesive, beautiful design to your Loveland home? Visit our high-end home furniture and decor store located in the Promenade Shops at Centerra to find your essential home furnishings.