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Dream Station at Niche Design House

There are times our living spaces need an inspiring change. While it’s not very difficult to dream up the type of home you wished you had, it can be more challenging to dream up a change for a specific space. Whether you can’t figure out how to make a small space work or you need fresh inspiration from a mind other than your own, sometimes input from the outside can bring the right ideas for your redesign projects.

You may not be looking for an interior designer to come and fully redesign your home. But what if you could borrow that design eye to help you gain fresh vision for that one room or space that you want to revamp? That’s exactly why we created our Dream Station at Niche Design House.  We want you to be able to change that room into your dream space at an affordable cost. Our Dream Station provides three options with varying levels of input from our designers to help you give your space the face lift it needs.

Daydream $99

This is a low-cost option that could make a huge difference in how much you love the room you want to decorate. The first step in the process is for you to take our Dream Style Survey to help us get a better idea of your unique decorating personality. Then, to help us understand your space, you will need to send pictures of all four walls in the room you wish to redesign. You’ll also include a quick sketch of the dimensions of that space.

Once we’ve received that information from you, our professional designers will give up to four suggested items for the space with our pricing, from couches to accent chairs, lamps to coffee tables, etc. Sometimes the greatest help in a redesign is finding the right pieces to fit your space. You will also receive a paint selection. With the Daydream option, you can have one revision, if needed.

Dream Big $199

Maybe you want to go beyond our Daydream option and dream a bit bigger. With the Dream Big option, the first steps are the same for you: take our Dream Style Survey and send pictures of your four walls of the current space along with a quick sketch of the dimensions.

Once we have that information, we’ll then give you an annotated floor plan with at least four suggested items for your space. We’ll recommend drapery as well as provide a paint selection to create a look that ties together beautifully. This plan gives you up to two revisions if the original ideas don’t quite fit up to your expectations for that room.

Re-Dream $199

If you wish you could have a designer come and work with you on site still at a lower cost, this is the perfect option for you. As with the other two options, you’ll take the Dream Style Survey, send us the pictures of your space, and include the dimensions sketch.

With this plan, you will get an annotated floor plan with at least three suggested items to fit your space. We’ll recommend drapery for your windows and also include a paint selection. And just as you wished, you’ll receive one hour of time with one of our designers at your home to help you dream up the perfect design for that space.

Get started by taking our Dream Station survey.

Full Service Design and Remodeling

We want for each room in your home to be the beautiful and relaxing place you love to come home to each day. If you wish to go beyond the options included in our Dream Station, Niche Design House also offers full service design and remodeling services from our Windsor Location.