Beyond the Fireplace: Top Ways to Create an Eye-Catching Focal Point in Any Space

Loveland interior designers typically agree that when it comes to creating a beautiful living space, establishing a focal point is a must. For many interiors, the designated focal point of choice comes down to one feature: the fireplace. Yes, a gorgeous hearth proves an ideal way to break up large stretches of wall. However, installing a fireplace is expensive; you can easily devour most of your interior design budget for the entire room just picking out the materials and then having it installed. Fortunately, today’s homeowners have virtually endless options to create focal points in any living space that extends beyond the traditional fireplace.

Here are seven other ways to establish a feature that grabs attention, anchors the room, and doesn’t need to be periodically swept of ashes.

Design a Gallery Wall

Why limit yourself to displaying just a few decorative pieces on your mantel when you can create an entire gallery wall to hang art and/or family photos? Use the size parameters of a fireplace to estimate just how big you’ll want your art display to be and let your imagination run wild by hanging multiple mediums in the same space. Framed maps, custom paintings, vacation mementos, and even wooden signs can all be hung together to optimize visual impact on anyone spending time in the room.

Go Big and Bold

Of course, nothing says you have to use multiple pieces to serve as your focal point. If you’re more of a minimalist (or conscious of overall time spent on your project), you could consider hanging a single large piece to serve as your focal point. Since you’re only using one item, you’ll want to go big and bold. Consider a painting in vibrant colors or even with a captivating graphic print to center the space.

Leverage the Ceiling

Some homeowners assume that a room is simply too small to create a viable focal point. Wrong. As long as the spot has a ceiling you have options. Consider a trendy ceiling treatment to bring everyone’s gaze up when they enter the space. Painting a plain ceiling in a dark color or even covering it up completely with panels can instantly develop a prominent feature that makes the room seem bigger and more inviting.

Embrace the Faux Fireplace

If you simply can’t imagine the room without a fireplace, you could consider building a faux design that gives the illusion of a hearth without the hefty price tag. Shop thrift and discount stores for mantels and fireplace frames that can be strategically propped up against the biggest walls in the room. Once it’s set, place candles or organic materials like driftwood inside the interior to give your new “fireplace” an authentic feel.

Use Accent Wallpaper

Today’s wallpaper designs are not the same boring floral patterns some of us grew up with. You can find luxurious wallpaper options in a multitude of colors, styles, and even in different materials to serve as the most visually compelling component of your space. Select the wall that naturally commands the most attention in the room and use the wallpaper you’ve chosen to help it stand out even more. It’s a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to give the space an instant visual boost.

Frame Out a Window

Many people consider windows as an “accent only” feature in the room. However, a large window can easily serve as the focal point of the space. Help the window stand out even more by reframing it with a lovely casing or stylish grids. Once it’s framed, consider rearranging some furniture around it for a functional seating area that comes with its own view.

Light It Up

Lighting, like windows, is often overlooked as a focal point option. However, make no mistake, the right lighting layout has far more potential than just as an accent, particularly if you’re on a tight budget. Use a large, overhanging floor lamp to both draw the eye up and center the space. Or, place an antique lamp on a vintage table to instantly create an area of interest in the room. For around $100, you can buy several fun and trendy lamps that grab attention as well as redefine the entire look and feel of the space.

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