Decorating Trends for the Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us. We only have a few weeks until Christmas. If you are tired of the same old decorations or just need some fresh inspiration here are some of the fun decorating trends for this holiday season. 1. Holiday centerpieces. Centerpieces are not just for the dining room table anymore. Try a fun centerpiece on a coffee table, an ottoman or countertop. Using a mixture of mediums and different heights can take your centerpiece from simple to stunning. Make sure that your centerpiece is appealing to the eye from all directions. Ideas for the season: bring the outdoors indoors with fresh pine sprigs, pinecones and branches. Be creative and add lights and candles. Centerpieces do not need to sit on table either! Hanging ornaments from festive ribbon or rustic twine over a table can add a lot of flair to an area. 2. Handmade ornaments. Get out your glue gun and use your creative side to make some fun creations at home. If you need inspiration just go to Pinterest and go wild. Handmade ornaments also make great additions to gift wrapping or as place settings. Have a handmade ornament exchange with your crafty friends. 3. Outdoors decorations. Christmas has always been a time for people to decorate outdoors but this year the trend is even bigger. It’s not just lights and wreaths. Wrapping bushes to look like packages, decorating outdoor trees and making sure the front door area is welcoming in its décor. Use outdoor candles for a more subtle lighting effect. 4. Decorating the mantle. This does not mean that you hang a couple of stockings and call it good. The trend this year is to fill the mantle. Like a centerpiece, you want to use different textures, mediums and add lighting. Just make sure that whatever you use is not flammable or that you do not actually light your fireplace. If you don’t have a fireplace there are a number of free-standing mantles that you can buy and give the illusion of an actual fireplace. 5. Staircase décor. Show off that staircase with greenery, lighting and ornaments. Get creative and add a touch of the outdoors with pinecones or real greenery. Lots of ribbon will add a luxurious feel and a lot of color. 6. Gnomes. These little fable creatures are big this year. Add a few gnome pieces to your home décor with ornaments or a fun gnome centerpiece. Put a few on a wreath. Have fun with the little guys—you will be seeing them everywhere. 7. Buffalo check patterns. Add some of this fabric print to your décor with placemats, cloth napkins or table runners. The traditional red and black is always a great choice, but there are many other colors out there. Who says Christmas must be red? 8. Use the same color. Pick a color and use that color throughout your decorating scheme. Use different shades for a dramatic effect. Blues from dark to light or with a touch of silver in them can make a room stand out from the usual Christmas time colors. Don’t be afraid to venture out of the norm. 9. More than one tree. This trend is growing in popularity. Having several trees throughout the house with different themes is an easy way to bring the holiday into your entire home. Try one on your front porch to welcome guests. 10. Succulents. Succulents are still a great decorating trend. You can use real ones or buy very realistic artificial ones. A succulent centerpiece with some glass balls in a fun bowl is an easy way to add these trendy plants. Build a succulent Christmas tree with some floral foam and add a little bit of ribbon. Traditions are a huge part of the holidays. Don’t be afraid to switch it up a bit and start some fun decorating traditions of your own. For holiday inspiration stop into our store, attend one of our craft sessions or visit one of the homes that we decorate on the holiday home tours! We will help you get inspired this holiday season!