Decorating Trends for 2020

Can you believe that 2020 is almost here? With each new year there are new trends in fashion, beauty and in home décor. Do you want to get a jump start on the trends? Here are some of the top predictions for home décor for the coming year. 
1. Earth tones are always a safe option when remodeling, but Jeweled tones are the up and coming colors that won’t be denied.   Earth tones like taupe, greens and clay colors are soothing versatile colors. Top designers are predicting a comeback for these colors in home décor. Think about adding these colors with paint, rugs, window coverings or a new piece of furniture. Jeweled tones and deep Ruby Red, Navy or Sapphire blue, Emerald Green, and Amethyst Purple. These are your pops of color in accent pieces, signature walls, and art. 
2. Green accents. Green is an earth tone, but rather than just grouping it in with the trend above green is predicted to be a standout on its own. Whether adding accents through décor or literally adding green to a room with plants, adding green will give a room a great pop of color. Green is versatile too. There are so many shades to choose from that you are bound to find more than one way to add this color to your home. 
3. Minimalism is out and maximalism is in. Bold, bright colorful patterns, and modern colorful art are going to be the rage. So is filling a space, especially wall space. Just be careful not take the look of grandeur to overly cluttered. There still needs to be balance. 
4. Black is back, especially when paired with white. Black and white are set to be the “in” combo this year. Black is also taking center stage on its own with black walls, black décor and well, black everything. Remember to pair it up with splashes of color to give a dramatic high-end effect. 
5. Mixing metals is going to be a big trend. Mixing silvers, golds, dark metal finishes and coppers in one room. The top designers recommend not mixing more than three types in a room so that the mixture is not overwhelming. Metal backsplashes are going to popular in kitchens.  A gold accent tile on a bathroom shower wall can create a warm feeling, and make it appear as if the wall were dripping in honey. 
6. Another trend for backsplashes will be bold color and bold designs. This trend will add that extra touch to the neutral earth tone colors, the rich jeweled tones, or a pop of geometric fun.  Don’t just think of kitchen backsplashes, but also the backs of open cupboards and cabinetry, as well as bookshelves, hutches, in bathrooms, Fireplace surrounds, and Front door entries. 
7. Neutral colors. The classic shades of gray and beige are going to be big this year. Pairing them up with green accents and the bold back splashes will bring these versatile colors to life.  
8. Velvet. Whether on furniture or accent pillows this fabric will be making a big comeback. 
9. Canopy beds.  
10. Floral wallpaper. Big, bold and colorful with splashes of contrasting colors. We’re not talking about your grandmothers’ flowery wallpaper.  The options available to us know are bold, colorful, and sometimes edgy.  Whether you are doing an accent wall or going all the way, this trend will bring more color, and texture to your room. 
Which trend or trends will you embrace this year?  Whatever you choose, know that our skilled and talented designers will be able to assist you in making your home stylish and unique.