Decorating Together: Helpful Tips for Decorating With Your Spouse


Let’s face it; even under the best of circumstances, getting married and living with someone can sometimes be tough. It can be hard to adjust our schedules and lifestyles around another person when adapting from a “me” to a “we” mentality. What is one of the biggest challenges of sharing living spaces? Successfully decorating with your spouse in your home interiors, especially if you and your partner don’t have the same tastes, preferences, and sense of style.


Hire an Interior Designer to Keep Your Project Moving Forward

For many local homeowners in Northern Colorado, partnering with a Loveland interior designer is a critical first step to success with a project that requires a merging of both your and your spouse’s styles. While you shouldn’t use your designer as your designated tiebreaker on every design disagreement, a skilled and qualified interior designer will come into the process with a completely objective perspective to help you determine what will work best in the designated space. Additionally, a reputable provider will also offer an extensive portfolio, drawings, samples, and swatches so you and your partner or roommate can work together with plenty of visual resources to develop a shared sense of style that you’ll both enjoy in your home.


Ways to Make Your Home Updates Hassle-Free

Of course, while an interior designer can help keep your project moving, you still have to do your part. You and your partner may not always agree on the right color palette for the home. However, there are several tips to help make the interior design process as stress-free as possible, from start to finish. Go into your upcoming home renovation project armed with a few pointers that help you both stay focused on what really matters and create a final interior design that you both will love.


Communicate Often

As with any joint endeavor, communication is essential to keep your interior design project moving towards completion. Before embarking on a redesign of any size and scale, it’s critical to have an honest conversation about needs, wants, and expectations. Now is the time to identify some of the furnishings and fixtures you have that are important to you or that hold sentimental value to ensure they get worked into the final layout without anyone feeling’s getting hurt.


Compromise as Much as Possible

Compromise is generally a necessary component of the process when decorating with your spouse. It’s perfectly natural to have a few “absolutely nots” and vetoes as you start to purchase and add furnishings and accents to your living spaces. However, looking for ways to compromise whenever you can goes a long way in helping to make your renovation a positive experience.


Make Decisions Together

Your interior designer will need you to make lots of decisions together as you implement different elements and features into your room. Making choices and purchasing various pieces together not only eliminates future disapproval but the furnishings you decide on jointly will probably carry far more meaning and sentiment than if you struck out on your own.


Make Lemons into Lemonade

Okay, maybe in its current application, your partner’s green velvet armchair seems completely unsightly – but can you repurpose the piece somewhere else in a way that’s more palatable to you? Work with your interior design firm to discuss various options on reusing some of your furnishings. The team will have multiple suggestions on how to modify or enhance an item for optimal visual appeal in any given room. You just may be surprised at how much you love (enjoy, like, tolerate?) that velvet green chair when it’s placed somewhere else in the house.


Live With It for a While

Instead of an immediate “no” to every idea that you don’t love at first, try to find a way to at least give it a trial run before giving it a firm veto. If the other person has specific ideas on where a particular item or accent should go, roll with it and make a commitment to living with it for a while. Remember, much like sharing a house, change is also hard. You may find that after a day or so you get accustomed to the new arrangement and actually begin to like it.

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