Tips to Make This the Year You Finally Get Organized

The start of a new year gives us all a chance to wipe the slate clean and start fresh…something that’s hard to do when we’re still looking at the mess and clutter we’ve collected from last year (or even sooner). If you’re tired of living in the flux of constant chaos and disorganization, there’s hope. Estes Park interior designers have compiled a few of their favorite tips and pointers on optimizing your decluttering efforts throughout your living spaces to help this be the year you finally get organized. Some straightforward, easy-to-implement tips from the pros include:

Start With the Purge

One common way to fail at your home organization project? Buy your storage supplies, shelving units, and containers before you purge your existing belongings. This is the equivalent of putting the organization cart before the horse. A successful decluttering project isn’t about finding out-of-the-way places to house all the things you don’t need or use – it’s about eliminating these items from your life altogether. Systematically move through the clutter, removing and recycling everything that no longer is serving its purpose to get a firm grasp on exactly how much stuff you’ll need to organize. Not only will you instantly minimize the mess, but also chances are you will also need to buy fewer storage bins than initially planned to help save money on the project cost. Follow this link to find options on where to buy your storage bins for your project.

Make Putting Things Away Easy(ish)

Okay, fine – for some of us putting things back in their place may never be easy. However, it is possible to make the process just a little more intuitive. What is one key tip that can streamline your efforts? Say goodbye to anything with a lid. That one extra step of having to open a container is often all it takes to deter those of us feeling less-than-motivated to keep our interiors neat. Instead, opt for open containers on toiletries, kitchen accents, hampers, and even garbage cans to keep you encouraged to put things away as you work.

Drawers Aren’t Dumping Grounds

Feel like your junk drawer has pretty much multiplied throughout every drawer in your house? It’s a common epidemic. Many of us use our drawers as indiscriminate catchalls for whatever we’re tired of holding at any given moment. No more. Place container organizers in every drawer in your house to help create separation between the items based on purpose, function, or use. Most local home goods stores will offer drawer organizers in a variety of materials such as wire mesh, plastics, and wood so you can choose a finish that works with the look of the room. Find some organizing ideas here.

Identify (and Eliminate) Where the Clutter Happens

Every home has mess “hot spots” – those living areas in our interiors that seem to lend itself to accumulating junk and clutter. One of the biggest mess hot spots in our homes is flat surfaces. Tables, counters, kitchen islands, and any other wide, flat surface in your home can prove an easy place to pile all manner of unwanted items and gear. Break the cycle. Every night, enlist the help of the entire family to pick a surface to declutter to ensure everything gets put back in its place, and you start each day without unsightly piles.

Sort by Frequency

As you sort through your items, consider how often you use them before organizing them. As you start putting things away, try to keep the items you use most as easily accessible as possible. Sure, the items you rarely use can be stored in the high up, hard-to-reach cabinets. However, the belongings that are a consistent part of your daily life should be stored in plain sight to save you from having to dig through several things you never use to find the items you use all the time.

Be Picky

It’s really easy to adopt a “more the merrier” mentality when it comes to the things we let accumulate in our homes. Make this the year you stop erratically pulling over every time you see a free piece of furniture on the road or arbitrarily accepting all those hand-me-downs from neighbors that you never wear. Carefully consider every item you bring into your home to determine if it’s something that you’ll use – or something that will sit out collecting dust until your next reorganization project. Niche House Designs can help design your living spaces for optimal functionality, organization, and enjoyment. Contact us today to hear more.