Creative Ways To Display Your Collections

When it comes to collections, most of us have our personal obsession. Album covers, posters, spoons, dishes, books, and figurines are just some of the many things we like to gather en masse. Why? Because collections are a fun, creative, and sometimes challenging pastime. Effectively exhibiting a collection in your home can enhance your interior décor, develop visual appeal, and spark conversation with guests.

Unfortunately, some of us miss the mark when we display our collections. All too often, we feel compelled to take up every available surface in all of our living spaces and ensure each collectible gets proper attention. The result is a cluttered, disorganized mess that visually dilutes the impact of your interior design as well as your rare assortment of whatever it is you like to accumulate.

Tips To Take Control Over How You Display Your Collections

It’s never too late to take back control of your collections and display them in a way that enhances the flow of your spaces as well as attracts a positive reaction from visitors. Dust off your favorite pieces and read on. Following a few easy tips can ensure your collection stays creative without spilling over into hoarder territory.

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall proves an ideal way to showcase items that can be hung. Paintings, puzzles, posters, clocks, and plates are just some of the many items you can artfully arrange on a wall. Yes, a gallery wall delivers a fairly large canvas for your pieces; however, it’s very easy to overwhelm the space by putting out too many items at once. Remember, less is more. Only hang your most prized possessions to prevent overcrowding and aesthetic chaos. If you find you’re having a tough time picking your favorite pieces, consider periodically rotating the items that get prime wall time to keep the area fresh.

Bonus Tip: If you really want to push the visual appeal envelope, arrange items into a fun shape or mural on your gallery wall.

Frame It

Framing offers an excellent option for items that don’t warrant an entire gallery wall. Stamps, postcards, concert tickets, and even some old-fashioned toys all work well in a frame or memory box for display. Organize them in a way that resonates with you and find a place of distinction to ensure your design receives plenty of visual traffic.



Shelves offer an ideal alternative for displaying cumbersome or oddly-shaped items. Figurines, snow globes, lunch boxes, and candles are a few options that may look better on a shelf (instead of stuffed in the back of our closets collecting dust). Floating shelves work well for smaller collections. However, if you have a large accumulation of pieces, you may want to consider a set of floor-to-ceiling shelves. To really develop a visually compelling space, utilize a unique built-in shelving area for your arrangement.



Putting special pieces under a dome of glass just feels fancy, right? Buy cloches in various shapes and sizes and let your imagination run wild. Put a single item in each cloche or arrange several pieces together. Try different exhibition tactics to draw attention to your collection without making the area appear cluttered.



Sectioned bookcases create natural display areas for a multitude of collections. Use bookcases to show off items of different sizes and heights to deliver texture to the final layout.

Bonus Tip: Using a bookcase to display actual books is predictable. If you collect rare or cool books, you’ll want to exhibit them on an unexpected surface like a vanity or mantel for instant aesthetic appeal.


Coins, shells, sea glass, and eye-catching rocks are just some of the items you can put out in various jars. Get creative and choose different colors and styles that enhance your décor. Not only do jars increase the visual impact of your collection, but they also deliver an easy way to keep everything together and organized.



Nothing says you have to just display your collections. Use your classic suitcases for actual storage. Allow that assortment of beautiful, decorative tins to serve as canisters or even planters. Place your old glass containers around the home office to hold pens, staples, and paperclips. With just a little ingenuity, there are virtually countless creative and practical ways to put your collections to work so they are both lovely to look at and useful.

What are some creative ways you’ve exhibited collections in your living spaces? We would love to hear about them!

And if you’re still unsure about how to display your collections, contact Niche Design House to consult with a professional interior design specialist.