Creative Uses For Leftover Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a fun way to add new life to practically any room. Whether using it on an accent wall to create an instant focal point or using it throughout the entire space, wallpaper offers an easy-to-keep-clean design option with virtually limitless visual impact. While wallpaper delivers a host of benefits, there is one potential downside to these decorative sheets: leftover wallpaper. No matter how carefully you plan and measure, you will probably still find yourself left with extra materials once your room is finished.


Go Beyond The Walls: Other Ways To Use Your Favorite Wallpaper Prints

Yes, you could try to sell the scraps back to the store you bought it from to recoup a bit of the expense. However, this often ends up being more effort than it’s worth. If you really love the print you chose, save yourself the trip back to the home improvement store. Here are some creative uses for leftover wallpaper that effectively transform potential trash into design treasure.


Table Runner

Just a few feet of your leftover design is all it takes to spruce up your dinner party table. The best part about using this material to decorate your table is that you never have to worry about any spillers or messy eaters in your midst. Just wipe it off at the end of the meal and it’s ready for future use.

Gift Wrap

Wallpaper completely amplifies your gift-wrapping game. Yes, it’s definitely a little heavier than traditional wrapping paper. However, once you get the hang of folding and taping this material, you’ll enjoy a noteworthy final look on your presents. Plaids, florals, pastels, toile…there are countless styles to match whatever gift-giving occasion you have before you.


Coffee and End Tables

Wallpaper instantly hides scratches and blemishes on virtually every surface it’s applied to. Use it to cover old pieces in your home or even on thrift store items that need a quick update.

Shelving Units and Bookcases

You can give the backs of open cabinets, bookcases, and shelving units an entirely new look by applying just a few sheets from a colorful design. For an extra creative touch, use a different print on each shelf.


Stair Risers

Wallpaper is a fast way to redefine the look of any stairway in your home. Apply one style to all stair risers for a uniform design or bust out all the scraps you’ve accumulated and make each stair riser its own work of art.

Bed Headboard

You can easily apply this paper to your current headboard (and footboard as well) to completely reinvent the look of your bed. If you already have a papered accent wall in the bedroom, use the same style on your bed to add visual cohesion to your design. Or, use a new print to introduce a new color palette and add dimension to the space.


Drawer Liners

Forget about the contact paper; use wallpaper remnants in any drawer throughout your house for an unexpected style flash with every pull.



Framing various-sized sheets gives you the look of a specific print and style on your wall, without the long-term commitment. Arrange them in the space however you’d like – you’ll have an instant art gallery in the room when you’re finished.


Temporary Coasters

Cutting leftover wallpaper sheets into coasters puts a fresh (and disposable) spin on avoiding unsightly watermarks on tables. Use your new drink accessories for both indoor and outdoor events to make a memorable impression on guests.


Placements And Coordinating Napkin Rings

If you really want to impress your crew at the next dinner party, don’t stop with the coasters. Cut placemat-sized squares from any leftover rolls to add a decorative touch to the meal. Cut thin strips and glue ends together for coordinating napkin rings.

Desk Accessories

Jazz up your desk with chic pen and pencil holders. Take ordinary soup or paint cans in any size and use hook-and-loop tape to wrap each with a paper that coordinates with the room décor. Not only is it an inexpensive way to add color, but you’re also doing your part for the environment by repurposing the cans.

Make An Original Collage Or Mural

Use the prints from several leftover rolls to create a unique collage or mural for younger children. Cutting various designs into leaf shapes can quickly transform a wall in a child’s room into a one-of-a-kind family tree. Or, cut out large letters in different styles to spell out a little one’s name on her wall. There are countless ways to create something your children will love to look at whenever they spend time in the space.