Common Decorating Mistakes

At one time or another, haven’t we all wished for someone to come to our house and make it beautiful? To take the pieces that we have and arrange them into a breathtaking room? Or to say to us, “If you move this here and that there, add this and got rid of that…” Then viola! The perfect room! When that time comes, remember that the staff and designers at Niche Design House can help you with space planning, redesigning a room or help remodel your whole house. We can work with a variety of budgets to help you achieve a living space that not only reflects your personality but one that also flows and meets your lifestyle needs. In the meantime, listed below are some of the more common decorating & designing errors that professionals see. Walk through your space and see if any of these apply to your space and what changing up a few things can do for your space! 
1. Choose the right sized rug. Rugs that are too small are a common decorating mistake. Make sure that the rug you choose can fit the furniture contents of the room. For larger rugs, make sure that the two front legs or more are placed on the rug. When placing smaller pieces of furniture in the room, make sure that all the legs are on the rug. (side note: all of your furniture does not need to be against a wall). 
2. Never choose your paint color first. You will always be able to find a paint color that matches what you have or what you are buying. Paint comes in so many colors and can even be custom matched to a fabric or piece of furniture. Find your larger, more expensive pieces that you love first. You don’t want to waste time trying to find pieces that match the paint. If you need to paint right away, choose a neutral color until you have the pieces that you want.  
3. Do not hang pictures too high. Pictures and artwork should be hung around eye-level. That being said, one person’s eye level is not the same as another. The average height of the American male is 5’9” and female average is 5’3”. You can use these heights for guidance. When in doubt, lower is usually better. You can use paper or cardboard cut into the sizes of your wall hangings to see how they look and various heights without damaging walls by hanging and rehanging. 
4. Do not use too many throw pillows. Stores always display a ton of throw pillows in their displays. This is because they do not have to move them every time they go to bed or sit down on a couch! Throw pillows are a great accent and a fun way to bring texture and color into a room, just remember to keep them at a reasonable amount. 
5. Avoid theme rooms. When you decorate an entire room with a theme (other than color) you must replace the entire room when you tire of that theme. Think of your children and how this year the rage is that one chilly holiday film and next year it will be another film…Decide on a color and great functional pieces and then add splashes of your favorite film or hobby. Do you love baseball? Hang one great picture and that autographed bat. Love zebra print? Don’t paint the room with stripes and hang every zebra picture you have. Find a great striped rug, a couple of pillows and maybe one or two pieces of artwork.  
6. Lighting comes in layers.  Natural, Overhead ot task, and accent.  Use more natural lighting/less overhead lighting. Choose versatile window coverings that allow for natural lighting during the 
day. Make sure that a room has options other than just overhead lighting which can be stark or harsh. Use lamps and different bulb wattages to create different choices for lighting. Don’t forget candlelight, it is a great way to highlight areas of a room. If you do not like scented candles, the smoke residue or hate having to remember to blow them out remember there are amazing imitation candles on the market that mimic candlelight. Some even have moving flames and remotes.  
7. Lastly, your home should reflect you. You do not have to keep up with every trend that comes along. Your space should reflect your likes and lifestyle. Add trendy pieces throughout your space, update a paint color, change out your window coverings. Add a new rug. Buy a few trending holiday or seasonal pieces that can be easily switched out without breaking your budget.  
Have fun. Be creative. Make a living or workspace that makes you happy!