Four Ways to Reimagine Your Interior Designs This Summer

Your home’s aesthetic should fit your personality, taste, and interests. However, sometimes there seems like there are so many “do’s and don’ts” to follow that you may find it difficult to fully and authentically express yourself. Loveland interior designers will be the first to tell you that, when it comes to recreating your spaces, many of the rules are meant to (and should) be broken – and summer is the perfect time to do it.

Stray From a Few Design Conventions in Your Interior Designs

Here are just few conventional interior design tactics you should feel free to ignore this summer – as well as few proven expert tips on how to fearlessly stray from tradition, yet still love your final layout.

Rule #1: Never Mix Prints

The idea that prints should only be matched is an easy convention to question when conjuring up your inner design rebel. Yes, too many different prints can make a room feel busy. However, diversifying prints tastefully creates visual interest and introduces a whimsical, creative, and artistic feel.

Some ideas for mixing prints include incorporating one print with an area rug, and another with your throw pillows. Or, hang some fun print curtains and go with an entirely different print for your throw blanket.

Rule #2: Match Dining Room Chairs

Just because it’s often referred to as the “formal dining room,” doesn’t mean you can’t have fun putting together the style and design for the space. One way to liven up and customize your dining space is with mismatched chairs. The best part about breaking this traditional interior design rule is that the options are seemingly endless. You can try out different colors and experiment with different materials, sizes, and styles. As we already mentioned, when done tastefully, incorporating more than one print also brings a lot of personality (quite literally) to the table

Not quite ready to make every chair around your dining room table different? Try selecting two different types of chairs. Maybe your end chairs are different from the rest, or one side of the table features one type of chair, while the other side features another. You could also experiment with a cushioned bench on one side of the table (another great place for a fun print!).

Rule #3: Avoid Artificial Plants

This summer, make it your mission to end the negative stigma that surrounds fake plants and flowers. Not everyone has a green thumb. Even if you can keep plants alive with relatively low-grade effort, you may not always have time to run to the store for fresh flowers or to keep up with the watering and sunlight requirements for different plants.

Lack of time or talent shouldn’t mean that you can’t have the look of plants around your home. Whether real or fake, plants evoke a feeling of fresh air and are a great way to incorporate some color. Plus, artificial plants have gotten much better in quality over the years. Artificial eucalyptus garlands are lovely on mantelpieces, tall palms are perfect for those hard-to-fill corners, and floral arrangements will add some pops of color throughout your home.

Rule #4: Stick to One Design Type

Perhaps you love mid-century modern sofas, but you found a great rustic coffee table and a French country sideboard. Don’t stress about it—the “stick to one style” rule is outdated. Modern designers are constantly finding creative ways to combine different styles, both throughout the home as well as within a single room.

As long as the space and the furniture in it are functional, mixing styles can really make a room feel personalized. It also allows you to choose the individual pieces you love without worrying about whether it fits the existing genre of the space.

There are several ways you can mix and match styles to create a unique look without going overboard and making a room feel messy. If you prefer to start out slowly, stick to an 80/20 rule—80% of a room is devoted to one style and 20% to another. Try pairing a traditional or farmhouse dining room table with modern chairs, or a mid-century modern couch with a bohemian throw rug. The possibilities are endless. If you are worried about things feeling disjointed, consider incorporating a unifying element (think color, print or fabric) that you weave throughout the room, so there’s an aspect of cohesion throughout the different styles.

Bottomline: When it comes to interior design, forget about the rules. Mix it up, try some contrast, and make your spaces playful and unique to you.

What design rules do you love to break with your interior spaces?