8 Ways to Create a Calm and Relaxing Interior Design

It’s January, and for most of us, that means a month full of setting new goals and outlining ways to better ourselves, a process which can actually feel stressful. Fortunately, the new year also marks a perfect time to surround ourselves with peace, balance, and tranquility – starting with our home’s interior design. This year, resolve to improve your living spaces by creating calm rooms and areas that instantly de-stress and relax using these simple decorating strategies.

Include More Wooden Pieces

Incorporating wooden accents, fixtures, and furniture into any living space can instantly infuse a room with natural serenity and tranquility. Using wood in a white or lighter room instantly warms up an area, serving as a soft, neutral palette wherever it’s used. Visit a quality furniture store in Loveland to discuss different ways to use salvaged, reclaimed, or sustainable pieces in your home to redefine the space.

Declutter Surfaces

It’s challenging to find your relaxing spots when your counters, bookshelves, and tables are covered in clutter. Systematically work through all the surfaces in your interior design to eliminate unnecessary accents, piles of paper, and the countless discarded items that get tossed on your countertops as soon as you walk through the door. Once you’ve cleared everything away, give every surface a thorough wipe down for a fresh, clean start.

Organize your Closets

You’re not quite done cleaning up just yet. Did you know that research shows there may be a direct link between clutter and stress (click here to learn more)? Once you’ve straightened out your countertops, it’s officially time to take your organization game up a notch and attack all the closets in your home could be causing unnecessary anxiety. Start with the closet in your master bedroom to purge, recycle, and repurpose until you’re only left with the items that you truly need (and a storage space that won’t stress you out every time you open the closet door). 

Go Green

Houseplants are growing in popularity as an easy way to restyle various rooms in our home. However, many people don’t realize that incorporating plants in your interior décor can also deliver a multitude of health benefits like these as well. Various species such as cacti, succulents, and other plants not only beautify the space but also purify the air, reduce stress and fatigue, and improve overall health levels. 

Choose a Cool Palette

Utilizing a cooler color scheme in your interiors can instantly make the space feel more calming and peaceful. Remember, cool doesn’t have to mean white. Choose other shades like gray-blues, softer grays, neutral greens, and even icy blues as your main color. You can accent these tones with something a little warmer, such as muted hues, or neutrals for a final palette that’s truly soothing.

Use Organic Scents

Natural, earthy smells can create a sense of peace within any living space. However, the January weather often makes it too cold to open the window and let in a little of Mother Nature’s best scents. Not a problem; include various home accents like soy or beeswax candles to lend an organic element to any room you and your family like to spend time in. You can also use linen sprays or essential oils to help set a sensory tone as soon as you walk into the room. 

Bring in the Light

Harsh and abrasive florescent lights foster a sense of stress and anxiety. Replace your bulbs with softer, more organic lighting options. You can also install dimmers into your lighting fixtures to help control the brightness and intensity levels. Additionally, whenever possible, open up those drapes and curtains to allow a little natural light to flood into the space. At night, strategically set up candles to complement your new lighting plan and evoke a soothing ambiance throughout your home. 

Keep the Furniture Simple

An overstuffed room full of ornate pieces can quickly overwhelm us, both visually and mentally. Eliminate excess pieces and incorporate high-quality furnishings with clean, simple lines and plush materials in natural tones for a warm, welcoming, and relaxing space you’ll love coming home to. 

Want more ideas on creating spaces that inspire? Contact Niche Design House, a leading Loveland interior designer, for a consultation about your upcoming home or office projects.