Simple Ways You Can Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When it comes to the exterior of your home, first impressions matter. Whether you’re selling your house and need to create a cohesive design that compels buyers to take a closer look at your property, or you simply want to beautify your home for your own personal enjoyment, it all starts with the outside. Fortunately, boosting the overall curb appeal of your house doesn’t have to be a long, complicated process. Perusing neighborhood yard sales, or a visit to a local Loveland home accessories store is all it takes to find some fun and creative ways to optimize visual impact throughout your home exterior.

When boosting curb appeal at your Northern Colorado home, consider:

Paint the Front Door

Changing up the color of your front door is probably one of the most affordable and effective ways to jazz up overall visual impact. Get as bold as you’d like; however, remember that there is a fine line between eye-catching and eyesore. When choosing the new shade, look for a tone that still complements the rest of your home.

Switch Out the Doorknob

Once you’ve changed up the color of the door, you may want to switch out the doorknob fixture as well. There are virtually endless options when it comes to finding the right doorknob for your outside door. Different metals, paint finishes, and operational functions are all readily available at your local hardware or home improvement store. If you’re ready to go high-tech with your doorknob, you could even consider an option that uses digital, numerical codes to unlock your entryway.

Front Door Mailbox

Looking for a way to add both charm and function to the outside of your home? Consider installing a front door mailbox. Both inexpensive and (generally) easy to install, an exterior mailbox comes in a multitude of materials and finishes so you can find the perfect accent for your outside entryway. Bonus Note: Prefer to keep your mailbox at the curb? No problem. Update your current sidewalk mailbox to expand the visual appeal of your entire property (after you’ve checked with your town for any specific guidelines and restrictions, of course).

Install Curtains on the Porch

All too often, homeowners spend so much time on the front door and house exterior that they forget about the porch altogether. Outdoor curtains are a great place to start with your porch makeover. Select a material that’s weatherproof to ensure it will maintain its color, no matter what Mother Nature has in store for us. Once installed, you’ll instantly enjoy a dramatic visual style that also boosts the privacy factor as well.

Add a Seasonal Wreath

Think that a front door wreath is only for the winter holidays? Think again. You can display a new wreath every few months for an inexpensive way to celebrate every season and increase the aesthetics of the space. Visit a craft store for ideas on a do-it-yourself project, or purchase one that’s already made for an affordable way to change up the look of your home’s exterior.

Get Chic With Your Shutters

Many homeowners dismiss their shutters as a non-functional design accent. However, the right shutters can truly make a significant impact on the overall look of your property. Avoid rookie mistakes like buying shutters that too small for your windows or a color that clashes with your overall exterior color scheme. Instead, carefully select a size that matches your window size and strategically choose a color that commands attention without overpowering the space. For a unique final look, consider installing customized wooden shutters to give your house a more rustic or antique finish.

Include a Porch Swing

A strategically placed porch swing simultaneously enhances curb appeal and invites guests to sit a spell and relax. You can find various porch swing styles online or at vintage design stores, often at a discounted price to make it a project worth pursuing. One thing to note, before purchasing (or building) your swing, you will want to carefully measure available square footage to ensure you pick a model that works with your layout and space.

Change Up Your Shrubs

Oftentimes, we inherit the shrubs in our front yard from our builder or the home’s previous owners – and then never think about them again. Changing up even a few shrubs and bushes in your front yard can significantly alter the vibe of your exterior. Don’t really feel like digging up your existing landscape? Consider finding a new spot near the home to plant just a single tree to up the visual wow factor.

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