Beyond Wood Furniture: 7 Creative Ways To Use Chalk Paint


If you’re looking for an easy way to update tired home furnishings and freshen up your interior spaces, you may want to consider chalk paint. Chalk paint requires little to no prep work, goes on evenly in just a single coat, and dries fast, making it a popular choice for interior designers and crafters alike. Best of all, chalk paint comes in a variety of colors. From vibrant, bold shades to subtle hues and finishes, it’s easy to find the perfect chalk paint for any home improvement and renovation project.


Wooden Furniture Makes A Great First Chalk Paint Project

Furniture is often a great first option for homeowners who are curious about using chalk paint within their living spaces. Wooden tables, with their large flat surfaces, and chairs, with their long lean lines, can prove an excellent choice to test out your chalk painting skills. Often, the toughest thing about painting furniture is choosing the color (most lines have many shades to choose from) and whether you’d like a matte or distressed finish. Most pieces won’t require any prepping beyond some minimal sanding. Once you’ve narrowed down a look you’ll love and purchased the supplies, it’s virtually effortless to bring your vision to life on selected furniture.


Other Options To Create Dazzling Living Spaces With Chalk Paint

Of course, wooden furniture pieces aren’t the only items you can update using chalk paint. This versatile design tool can work on a multitude of styles, fabrics, and textures. If you’re looking for fun, creative ways to use this painting product on your interior design that stretch beyond tables and chairs, consider these:

Upholstered Pieces

Yes, really. Many people don’t realize that you can paint entire pieces of upholstered furniture using this painting product. Couches, armchairs, and loveseats – all of these items can be completely painted in a multitude of chalk colors and styles. Not sure you’re ready to do a full couch or loveseat? Not a problem. Opt instead to start by painting a few throw pillows to see if you’ll enjoy the look of painted upholstery.


Chalk paint’s immense versatility often makes people forget that it’s a perfect option on walls. When it comes to creating an eye-catching look, the sky is pretty much the limit. Go with a solid color on one side of the room to give the space a focal point. Or, choose a distressed finish or textured look to really drive interest in the area. Beyond drywall, you can also paint on shiplap, wood panels, and even brick wall as well.


Antique Plates

Old plates and platters are cool, but they can quickly start to show their age with scratches and discoloring. Breathe new life into these old pieces using chalk paint. Teals, creams, and pastel colors can help preserve the antique look as well as showcase some of the surface details. Once you’ve finished the project, you can use them as you would any other plate or platter or arrange them on your wall for a unique and distinctive wall hanging.

Glass Bottles

Chalk paint dries without streaks on glass items, making it an ideal option for bottles, vases, mason jars, and even candles. Use a single color or paint every individual item in a different shade and display on shelves, bookcases, or as a centerpiece on tables.


Chalk painting old wooden shutters offers a multitude of decorative possibilities in a home’s interior. Distress the edges of your shutters for an authentic antique look and hang in various configurations on your wall. You can also add candleholders or mason jars to your painted screens for added visual appeal.


Barn Doors

Barn doors have proven to be more than a passing fad. Much like shutters, you can paint reclaimed barn doors using chalk paint and use them as a wall hanging or even a sliding door for added privacy in any room. You can also paint a barn door and create a contemporary headboard for your bed.

Outdoor Planters

Chalk paint is also an excellent choice for a wide range of outdoor painting projects. Have some old, lackluster planters in your gardening shed? A fresh coat of new color could be all it takes for you to fall in love with them all over again. Finish your project with a coat (or two) of sealer, and you’ve got a piece ready to showcase your floral arrangements and withstand the elements of the season.