Reasons To Work With an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Stockist

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® has become a favorite amongst interior designers and DIY’ers managing interior design and home improvement projects of every size – and with good reason. Chalk Paint offers an easy-to-apply, visually appealing, long-lasting finish to a wide range of furnishings, accents, and accessories. This innovative home design product can adhere to virtually any material, making it a universal resource for both professional and hobbyist designers alike. Wood, leather, fabric, glass, and metal are just some of the many materials that can be transformed using this versatile paint. Best of all, this market-leading product requires no separate primer; painters can usually apply the product right over the piece’s existing stain or paint for a matte finish that dries smooth and works with virtually every interior design, look, and style. When you’re done, simply apply furniture wax to seal the paint, and you’ve officially created a one-of-a-kind chalk paint piece that will quickly become the focal point of any room or living space.


Working With a Stockist for Annie Sloan Has Its Benefits

Of course, deciding you’re ready to begin your own chalk paint project is only the first step to a successful home improvement or interior design endeavor. To optimize the results and look of your piece, it’s critical to find an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® stockist. Every certified Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Stockist has been hand-selected based on several essential criteria. A designated reseller must run an independent shop with a mailing address and must be able to accept a full complement of stock before it can receive Stockist certification.

Working with an official stockist for Annie Sloan paint delivers several distinctive benefits to any DIY interior design project including:


Unique Approach to Design

The Annie Sloan brand has become synonymous with unique finishes and pieces that can’t be found in big box shops and home improvement stores. They maintain this reputation with their rigorous selection of product retailers. The manufacturer proudly asserts that no two Stockist shops are exactly alike. Every reseller has been carefully screened to ensure an established storefront that offers buyers access to distinctive style solutions that helps even novice DIY’ers create a beautiful, exclusive final chalk paint piece that pulls together any interior space.


Manufacturer-Direct Training

You may find various resources and shops claiming to be “experts” in chalk paint simply because they’ve used the product on various refinished pieces. Only certified stockists have received thorough training in the Annie Sloan Method directly from the manufacturer. Completing the extensive training courses equips resellers to offer consumers cutting-edge seminars and workshops as well as the most up-to-date advice on how to utilize the products to achieve desired results. When screening potential providers, always look for the circular Annie Sloan authorized stockist badge for peace of mind that you’re buying from a certified provider that has the insight and expertise you need to make your project a success.


Workshops and Demonstrations

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® recognizes the value of consistently educating and sharing knowledge with consumers on the very latest styles, techniques, and finishes. A certified stockist has proven that their shop is also committed to running periodic demonstrations and workshops for all skill levels. Additionally, every stockist must provide conventional shop hours as well as an internal team trained in the very latest chalk paint strategies to inspire customers and answer any product questions.


Direct Support from the Manufacturer

The Annie Sloan brand believes in long-term partner education and development, going far beyond the initial training session to deliver consistent support to stockists. All resellers have a well-established relationship with the manufacturer to ensure consumer questions get answered and buyer issues get resolved as promptly as possible.


Access to Product Inventory

Every designated stockist for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® is required to carry a minimum amount of inventory onsite at all times. This streamlines the buying process, helping consumers access what they need when they need it. Should a carrier not have a requested color or product in stock, the reseller can tap into its established supply chain to order additional inventory for customers. You can check out products by Annie Sloan by clicking here. Niche Design House is a certified Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® stockist located in Loveland, Colorado. Contact the Niche Design House to discuss your upcoming home or office improvement project with our trained team of authorized specialists today!