Creative Ways to Battle Cabin Fever and Beat the Winter Blues

For many of us, January can feel like one of the longest months of the year. The thrill of the holidays is over, the days are still exceptionally short, we’ve already broken most of our New Year’s resolutions, and we still have so much winter left ahead of us. It’s a perfect storm for a seismic bout of cabin fever, especially given Mother Nature’s inclination to toss mounds of snow on us from time to time throughout the season.

Make Your Home Your Personal Haven This Winter

Make 2019 the year you refuse to give in to the wintertime blues. Follow these simple tips and suggestions to use your Loveland home accessories (coupled with a little creativity and ingenuity) to set up living spaces that will help you win the cabin fever battle and firmly establish your home as the ultimate winter haven for your entire family.

Create a Reading Nook

Yes, wintertime is a perfect time for binge-watching your favorite shows. However, it’s also a great opportunity to curl up in a cozy chair with that book you’ve been meaning to crack open, or finally check out that magazine collecting dust on the end table. Find a spot in your home that you’ll enjoy spending time in and outfit it with all the trimmings of a great reading night. Pillows, a faux fur blanket, a side table (both for your reading materials and your mug of cocoa), and a floor lamp will give you everything you need to get started.

Need some fun, cozy book ideas? Click here.

Designate a Game Spot

Nothing helps pass the long stretches trapped inside quite like a family game session. Forget about video games. Go for an old-fashioned board-gaming experience in your home by arranging seating, cushions, and pillows around your living room coffee table, so everyone is as comfortable as possible during your friendly competition.

Start (and Finish) a Photo Project

We all have photos stuffed in drawers throughout our home or countless digital images on our phones that we just haven’t had the time to print yet. Make winter 2019 the season you finally get your photos organized. As you sort through them, select some of your favorites to use as part of a hanging photo gallery – it’s a fun, easy way to add visual interest to your space and create a focal point in the room.

Get the Fire Blazing

Have a fireplace or wood stove that doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it should? Set up a functional and inviting seating area that lends itself to gathering and relaxing around the fire. A plush rug with one larger couch or loveseat combined with smaller chairs (or even oversized, faux fur bean bag chairs for the kids) can be all it takes to get everyone in the house convened in one spot. If you really want to get creative with your fireside seating setup, consider moving the dining room table into the space to add a soft, glowing ambiance to your next family meal.

Bonus Note: Beyond the seating arrangement, take the time to revamp your mantel for a little added interior design flair. Here are some fun ideas

Warm Up the Floor

We all love showing off our gorgeous wood and tile floor designs. However, these materials can get a bit chilly when exposed to the long, harsh, frigid winter temperatures. Use this season as an opportunity to warm up your bare floors with area rugs of all shapes, designs, and sizes. A small runner next to your bed can make the morning walk to the kitchen just a little more comfortable. Likewise, placing rugs in your bathroom spaces can also work wonders on warming up tiles and engineered flooring.

Give Furniture Its Winter “Wardrobe”

Stave off the winter blues by outfitting your furniture with its winter wardrobe. Drape extra blankets in patterns that complement your interior design palette over chairs and couches to optimize the cozy factor. You can also create “blanket stations” throughout your home by setting up baskets and trunks with extra fleece, wool, and (yes, we’re going to say it again) faux fur pieces throughout the house to give everyone in the room an opportunity to hunker down and snuggle up.

What are some of your favorite ways to rearrange and decorate your home in the winter?