Six Bathroom Renovation Trends That Transform Your Space

A bathroom renovation delivers a multitude of benefits. As a major selling point in your home, redecorating your bathrooms with added features, amenities, and home accessories can instantly boost the overall value of your property. Additionally, updating to current bathroom renovation trends can also increase efficiency, functionality, and overall storage capacity in the space, making it a very practical remodeling option for homes of every size and shape.

Of course, most people don’t go into a redesign project based solely on (yawn!) practicality.¬†Homeowners also go into a bathroom interior makeover to create a highly personalized space that not only delivers significant visual impact but also feels luxurious, indulgent, and relaxing. If you’re looking to design a space that carefully walks the line between pragmatic and lavish, consider these current bathroom renovation trends for your upcoming interior project.


Optimize Your Small Space

Many homeowners assume that their smaller bath spaces don’t deserve an upgrade. Fortunately, this simply isn’t the case. Yes, some homes warrant large, spa-like sanctuaries complete with giant two-person tubs, double vanities, and marble accents¬†everywhere. However, optimizing the look and functionality of smaller bathrooms has proven to be a cost-conscious trend with staying power. One of the secrets to a successful redesign is to go upscale with certain accents and home accessories without overwhelming the room. Think freestanding tubs to conserve square footage, or forego the tub altogether and opt instead for a custom-sized tiled shower with double showerheads. Swap out bulky cabinets for refined shelving to instantly make the room feel more spacious. Complete the design with more petite toilets and pedestal sinks for a functional and fashionable final layout.

Redesigning a small bathroom? Get some great tips and tricks in this article.

Get a High-tech Toilet

Most people don’t realize that the common commode has undergone a huge technology makeover in recent years. High-tech toilets are definitely seeing an upswing in popularity for homeowners with every sized space. These lavatories come with a wide range of more basic amenities such as automatic lid openers, slow close features, and seat warmers. Or, if you’d like to truly amp up the posh factor in your loo, you can also select a model with air dryers and wireless music player.

Bonus Note: When it comes to including technology in your bathroom, nothing says you have to stop at the toilet. Automatic faucets, smart showers, and even a towel-warming drawer are just some of the many ways you can update your rooms with a futurist and glamorous edge.

Your Feet

We’ve all experienced (and dread) the harsh feeling of cold tile on the bottom of our bare feet while we scurry across our bathroom floor. Make cold feet a forgotten thing of the past by installing an underfloor heating system during your remodel. These systems can be used on a wide range of flooring materials including tile, vinyl, wood, and even concrete. Underfloor heating systems warm up the room and they can also help absorb sound to minimize noise levels.

Have Fun With Tiles

Subway and large uniform bathroom tiles are still on design point; however, recent bathroom trends show that homeowners want to think outside the (rectangle) box. If you’re looking to mix things up a bit in your bathroom renovation, consider choosing tiles in a fun shape like a hexagon or diamond to add extra visual interest in the room. Or, include a tile that touts a visually compelling pattern or design in a bright, bold color. Of course, nothing says the tile you choose should be relegated to your floor only. Get creative with your installation, placing your tiles on the walls, as a backsplash, in the shower, and even on the ceiling for a truly personalized final look.

Go for the Gold (And the Brass)

For years, homeowners stayed far away from the gold and brass home accessories that just felt dated. However, these metallic fixtures have recently made an interior design comeback. Forget about the shiny and audacious fixtures you grew up with at grandma’s house. Today’s gold and brass pieces are softer and warmer, instantly adding a touch of sophistication to the space and proving a perfect complement to almost any color palette. Best of all, these modern pieces come in a matte finish, so you never have to worry about seeing unsightly smudges, water spots, and fingerprints.

Get Strategic With Lighting

As the place where most of us primp and groom, bathroom lighting is critical. Go beyond the standard over-the-vanity lights to develop a plan that adds strategic lighting layers in your room. Consider recess bulbs, wall sconces, pendants, and even dimmers to achieve the perfect amount of light for any function or need.

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