From Baby To Big Kid: Easy Ways To Update Your Child’s Bedroom

It’s an unavoidable fact of parenting life: as much as we’d like to keep them babies forever, our children insist on growing up. In what seems like the blink of an eye, they’ve somehow transitioned from bassinets and cribs to big-kid beds. If you’ve recently looked around your child’s room and realized she has zero interest in the pink and tulle fairy princess nursery you painstakingly put together for her as an infant, it’s officially time to update your child’s bedroom.


Five Ways To Make Your Child’s Space More Mature

A bedroom makeover is a great parent/child project that can actually be fun (yes, really). Go into the process ready to collaborate with your kiddo as well as armed with a few proven tips to keep your interior design update as stress-free, convenient, and affordable as possible.


Change Wall Color

Okay, we’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: changing the wall color is one of the easiest ways to launch an interior redesign. A paint update is an especially vital tool when revamping the vibe in a child’s room. It’s common to pick soft pastels in pinks and blues (or greens, yellows, and purples) to create an environment that soothes our little ones when they are first born. However, school age, and even older, kids often want bolder, more vibrant tones in their spaces. Make it a group effort and allow your child to pick the new room color with you. If you’re not ready to give up the reins on complete paint selection authority just yet, there are multiple ways to compromise. You can go with a neutral color and allow your child an opportunity to pick out accents and decorations in the shade of his/her choice. You could even pick your favorite color for most of the room and let your son or daughter choose a hue they love for an accent wall or a floor-to-ceiling chalkboard wall.

Pick New Bedding

Changing the bedding is a simple update that can transform the entire room. If you’re still using the same nursery bedspread you had in the crib, your child is probably ready for a change. If you want a short-term fix, pick something with a pattern that reflects your child’s interest now, like sports or a movie character. However, if you want something that will stay relevant longer, pick something in a neutral color with a simple design for a longer-lasting solution. Don’t end the redesign with the bedspread purchase. Add matching curtains and decorative pillows that reflect your new theme to tie everything together and complete the final look.

Personalize Activity Areas

Enhance the flow and functionality of your child’s room to promote and support some of her current interests. Donate toy bins, train sets, and finger painting tables that no longer get used and replace them with desks, laptops, and docking stations. Put away their building blocks to designate an area for art supplies or musical instruments. Continuously changing their activity areas to reflect what they love doing during this phase of childhood is an easy, affordable way to personalize their bedrooms for optimal enjoyment.


Update Wall Hangings

Yes, you may still absolutely adore the monkey mural you had commissioned for the nursery. However, the time comes in every child’s life when they want more sophisticated walls in their room. If that time is now, you have countless ways to use these spaces as a canvas to reflect your child’s current preferences and styles. Bulletin boards, dry-erase tablets, and organization wall systems offer creative ways to keep important things visible and easy to access. Check out websites that offer removable wall decals and stickers to customize the room without a long-term commitment. Have your child create custom artwork to frame and display throughout the space or select some of his favorite pictures, blow them up, and design a photo wall he’ll love looking at whenever he spends time in his room.

Create Sitting Areas

Nothing says big kid room like having a designated sitting area to hang out with friends. You can find something your child will love lounging on to suit virtually any budget. Use bean bags and gaming chairs to keep things relatively inexpensive or opt for higher-end options like futons and even plush, full-sized armchairs for a chic upgrade.


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