Five Tips for Effective Autumn Home Staging

Autumn home staging can be an added bonus for homeowners about to put their property on the market during the fall season. As you probably know, home staging is an invaluable resource no matter when you list your property. Prepping a house at this time of year gives sellers a rare opportunity to leverage the sights, smells, and festive vibe of the season. When done properly, autumn home staging can instantly give prospective buyers a welcoming and cozy feeling that helps them imagine living in your house. Learning just a few tips for successful home staging during this time of year can help your property command buyer attention and potentially speed up the selling process. Here are five tips for eye-catching fall home staging.

Don’t Go Overboard (We See You Halloween)

Yes, fall offers an exciting array of seasonal accents and holiday décor, which we all love. However, when it comes to hay bales, Thanksgiving signs, and bittersweet, “too much of a good thing” is possible. Be sure to use the “less is more” mantra for your decorating and staging. Use tasteful vases in prime locations such as the entryway and on the kitchen table. Consider adding a bowl of seasonal fruit on your countertop or using fall-colored towels in the bathrooms.

Also, if your home is being shown in October (or even before), it’s okay to add a little touch of Halloween into your décor. Just be sure that you do not go overboard when you’re staging the home for potential buyers. A happy, smiling jack-o-lantern to welcome them on the porch is perfectly fine to not only bring in Halloween but also incorporate the ever-popular harvest orange hue that comes with the fall season. Adding a few simple accents placed around your interior can ensure you enhance your design without taking away from the home’s biggest selling points.


Light up the Room!

One key component to successful staging in the fall is making sure all the rooms are well lit and inviting. It gets dark outside early in autumn, making it hard for buyers to evaluate your home once the sun has set. Before leaving for a showing, turn on any table and floor lamps as well as overhead lighting to warm up the space and welcome in potential buyers.


Colors Abound

When staging your property, consider all the gorgeous, rich colors that come with fall. Golden yellows, cranberry reds, and fiery oranges are just some of the many shades you can include to help your interiors mirror the beauty of the outdoors at this time of year. Use bright fall foliage to accent the kitchen table or living room area. Incorporate autumn-themed paint colors to brighten up an entire room or even just a single accent wall. Include jewel-toned pillows and throws to create an inviting space where potential buyers can envision themselves relaxing after a long, brisk day.

What Does the Curb Say?

Take a look at the front entryway of your home. What does it say to potential buyers? Does it encourage people to walk through your front door or does it make them want to turn and walk away? Much like your interior, staging your exterior entryway should be impactful without being excessive. Put out some fall pumpkins around the doorway or use a beautiful fall colored wreath to accent the door itself. Place a rug at the front door that will welcome guests into your home. Also, be sure to take a look around the front entryway area to make sure that all landscaping is kept trimmed and healthy looking as well.

Seasonal Scents

Nothing says fall like the fresh, warm scent of apples, cinnamon, and pumpkin spice. Consider using air fresheners that plug into the wall to introduce a subtle layer of fragrance without being over the top. Utilize these festive fall scents in strategic locations throughout the home to encourage buyers to take their time in every space. Love to bake? Skip the wall plug and bake seasonal breads, cookies, or pies to leave a memorable impact on viewers. Remember, some people can have trouble with overpowering scents so be careful not to overdo it.

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