Autumn Home Decor Ideas

Update Your Home for the Season With These Autumn Home Decor Ideas

While it may be a sad thought for some, summer is over. Here in Loveland, we are in the throes of fall in all its festive seasonal glory. Back-to-school buses, football, brilliant foliage, and pumpkin spice lattes are officially everywhere. One fun way to celebrate the beauty of this time of year is to update our living spaces with various autumn-themed home accents. Need some excellent autumn home decor ideas? Adding these fun, fall home accessories in Loveland homes can give your interiors a cozy, warm, and inviting vibe that you can enjoy right through the end of the season (aka when the white stuff begins to fly).


Faux Shearling Accents

Faux shearling accents are pretty much everywhere these days, offering homeowners a multitude of ways to enjoy the look and feel of sheepskin, without harming a hair on a single sheep. Warm up your living and sitting areas with faux shearling pillows and blankets. Not only will they instantly give the room an added layer of texture and depth but they also make a perfect accessory for cold nights snuggled up by the fire.


Faux Fur Rugs

Who says faux shearling pieces should have all the fun? Throw a faux fur rug in front of the fire or in various spots throughout your living spaces to give bare feet someplace warm to walk on brisk mornings. You can also pair your rug with a thick, plush, faux fur blanket thrown on your sofa for added comfort and visual appeal.

Vintage Baskets

Nothing screams “harvest” like vintage farmhouse baskets. These items come in varying sizes, shapes, designs, colors, and can be found at specialty stores as well as at area flea markets. Best of all, vintage baskets can be customized in a wide range of ways using chalk paint to ensure it matches the surrounding décor. Fill your basket with dried flowers, and you’ve got a ready-made home accent that you can place virtually anywhere that needs a little visual boost.

Hardy Mums

Need some outdoor autumn home decor ideas? Here’s an organic way to introduce a burst of seasonal color into your outdoor living spaces: it’s hard to beat mums. Bright, bold, and able to thrive in our cool, crisp, fall air, mums make an ideal accompaniment to all your existing outside landscapes and ornamental beds. The best part about mums is that they come in virtually every color and a multitude of sizes so you can quickly find the right plant for any of your outside spaces. Put them in a fall-themed planter for a little extra festive flair that welcomes guests at your front door.

Outdoor Fall Decor Mums

Stoneware Dishes and Mugs

Stoneware dishes and mugs are not only extremely durable, but they have also been created from clay heated at extremely high temperatures, making it the perfect serving option to help keep meals warm no matter how frigid the weather outside gets. Trade out your every day, refined plates and coffee cups for a sturdy stoneware in the color of your choice. Don’t forget to display them in your open kitchen shelving units and glass cabinets to enjoy the look of these pieces when they aren’t in use.


Mantle Update

The fireplace mantle is the perfect spot to add some fall-specific home accessories. Create an organic design that includes things you can find right in your own backyard or local farmers market. Fall foliage, tiny pumpkins and gourds, and even sprigs of bittersweet work well with existing interiors and instantly convey some of the most prominent features of autumn.



Your dining room and kitchen tables are the perfect places to update with seasonal home accessories and accents. Once again, you can use organic items to bring out the feeling of the coziness of the harvest season. Start with a medium-sized pumpkin or bronzed lantern as your focal point and work your way out from there with various natural items. Or, fill a large glass vase with pinecones and create a rustic floral arrangement on top. Incorporate candles as a finishing touch to create mood lighting at various meals and events.


Hopefully, these autumn home decor ideas have brought you a step closer to making your home a cozy, beautiful space to celebrate the season. Need some help decorating your home? Connect with Niche Design House today to consult with one of our interior designers about a seasonal update to your living spaces.