Attention Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Fans

We love it when Annie Sloan creates a new product! New to the family Annie Sloan Chalk Paint products is the Pearlescent Glaze. This glaze was developed to create a water based light-reflective finish. Annie Sloan designed this product to use indoors on furniture, walls and even floors. You can use the glaze on a painted or unpainted surface. Annie describes the Pearlescent Glaze as a tool to give,"a sublime, high-end, lustrous finish." Glaze is another option for covering Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It is another option to use and is used in place or in addition to her lacquer or waxes. 


How do you use the glaze? 


Mix well before using. Make sure that the piece or area that you are painting is clean and dust free. For the best results, use over dried Chalk Paint. Using a flat brush or a detail brush, depending on what you are covering, apply one or two coats. This product can also be applied with a roller or sprayer for a smoother look/finish. 


To get a very intense pearlescent look use a lighter Chalk Paint, like Old White. Two coats will also take the place of Chalk Paint wax or lacquer. 


You can also use a small amount of paint to tint the glaze and get a wide range of opaline shades. 


There are many more uses for this versatile product! When you stop by Niche Design House you can check out samples painted with this product and pick up a "fact sheet" so that you can create beautiful pieces at home. 


I tried the Pearlescent Glaze and was pleased with the results. I found the products easy to use. I painted some bottles to use as vases throughout my home. These pictures can be seen on our Facebook page in the next few days. 


Happy Painting!