Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – Tips For Beginners

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is a favorite product amongst high-end interior designers and DIY enthusiasts alike. Versatile and easy-to-use, this chalk paint can be used on anything from wood to fabric (yes, really), making it a go-to option for professional and hobbyist designers looking for a fun and stress-free way to update their home interiors. If you’re getting ready to begin your first project, read on. Knowing just a few pro tips from Loveland Annie Sloan Chalk Paint consultants can ensure your project moves seamlessly from launch to completion. Some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint tips for beginners include:  

There Are Various Grades of No Prep

One of the biggest benefits to using this chalk paint is that, typically, it requires no prep. The color applies evenly and dries smoothly over a multitude of materials and finishes. However, there are certain situations where you may want to consider doing at least a little pre-paint preparation. For example, if your chosen item has scratches, the chalk paint alone won’t be enough to hide them. Taking a few minutes to sand out dings and imperfections as well as fill holes can make a major difference in your final piece.  

Additionally, sometimes older items have years of dirt, grease, and grime buildup, making it difficult for the paint to adhere to the surface. As a general rule-of-thumb, you should always give the item a basic cleaning with warm, soapy water to ensure it’s ready for the project’s next steps. Also, you will want to go through the piece to take off removable pieces like shelves, drawers, handles, and fixtures.

Bonus Tip: When cleaning your items, avoid using too much furniture sprays and polish as they can leave behind a film that’s generally hard for paint to adhere to.  

Get Ready to Paint

tips for using annie sloan chalk paintOnce your paint is well mixed, you’re officially ready to get to painting. Yes, chalk paint is extremely easy to apply. However, many first time painters feel a little anxious that they won’t “do it right.” If you feel a little worried about your painting prowess, start the process in the back of the piece, or on an area that will be the least visible when it’s displayed to practice working with the product.

Wax: Less Is Often More

For many first-time chalk painters, sealing the piece with wax can feel a bit overwhelming. Go into the process recognizing that, when it comes to using the wax, less really is more, especially since you’ll be wiping off the excess as you work. Begin by placing a small quantity of the wax on a paper plate using a plastic spoon, so you’re not directly dipping your paintbrush into your container of wax. Dab your brush into the wax, carefully dabbing any residue on the plate or a separate towel. Cover your piece in a thin layer of clear wax, using a clean cloth to remove the excess, wiping until the finish is smooth and not tacky.  

Always Use Clear Wax First

Some people assume that if they’re using dark wax to finish the piece, they won’t need a first coat of clear wax. Not true. When used alone, the dark wax could potentially stain and alter the look of your Annie Sloan Chalk Paint color. A fresh coat of the clear wax can help give you more control of how deep your dark wax ultimately looks. Whenever beginning a project using dark wax, first apply a thin coat of clear wax (using the method above) and finish with your dark wax application.

Bonus Tip: Another major benefit of using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is that, should you decide to repaint an item later, you can simply paint the new color right over the wax without any additional prepping or sanding.  

One More Wax Tip

We’re not quite done talking about wax just yet. Chalk paint consultants recognize that, while the wax beautifully seals indoor pieces, it’s not ideal for items that will be used for outdoor enjoyment. When creating outdoor items, you can either choose not to seal them, or you can opt to seal the piece with another product designed for outdoor use.  

Want to learn more about using chalk paint by Annie Sloan? Be sure to check out one of our Annie Sloan Chalk Paint workshops held at our store at the Promenade Shops at Centerra.