Four Tips for Using Accent Furniture in Your Interior Design

Accent furniture is the perfect way to showcase the personal aspects of your style that make you and your home unique. Finding those eye-catching accent pieces is often the easy part. Beautiful furnishings that perfectly capture your design vibe may grab your attention at your favorite home décor store in Loveland. Then comes the challenging part: successfully incorporating those pieces into your home.  

Don’t let changing up your interior designs with accent pieces cause unnecessary worry and stress. Here are four tips for effectively using new pieces in your living spaces.

Get Bold With Color and Patterns

When it comes to accent furniture, don’t let the fear of making a “mistake” deter you from selecting a piece that will surprise, stand out, and command a little attention from your guests. Whether you’re working with a chair, sofa, chaise lounge, bench or any other special item, color and pattern can (and should) play a role in your final selection.  

When choosing accent furniture, fearlessly embrace unusual colors and color combinations in your interior designs. A bold hue delivers vibrant energy and a feeling of creativity into a space. If you’re unsure about how to incorporate a certain accent color, go back to design basics and reference a color wheel to make sure the shades you’re choosing work well together. You want colors that both complement one another, but also create an element of contrast and definition. For example, a bright red chair against a white wall creates an aesthetically appealing contrast, but you’ll then want to opt for more neutral colors that complement the red for the rest of the furniture in the room. Additionally, select patterns that stand out from others in a space, but choose them wisely to avoid having so many different designs in a designated space that they begin to clash with each other, instantly making the space feel too busy and overwhelming.

Dazzle in the Entryway

Your entryway is often the first part of your home that people see, delivering an excellent opportunity to use accent fixtures to make a great (and stylish) first impression. Forget the hooks and benches that become a dumping ground for everyone’s outerwear. Instead, place a stunning armoire near the doorway to store everyone’s jackets as soon as they come inside. If you simply can’t live without hooks of some sort in your foyer, that’s fine. Consider an antique, brightly-colored coat rack to make your taste and style evident to guests whenever they pop in for a visit.

Consider Size and Scale

Scale is one of the most important elements of interior design, especially when it comes to furniture. Yes, you want your accent pieces to be the focal point of the room. However, it’s a fine line between commanding attention and completely overwhelming a space. If you have a larger statement piece that brings height and depth to the room, like a hutch or bookshelf, you don’t want the other items in the room to be competing with it as a focal point. Strategically arrange the other elements in the room to complement larger pieces and establish a sense of symmetry. For example, if you have an elaborate, oversized sofa, opt for a medium-sized side table to help make the room feel balanced. In a busier room, you may want to choose a simpler, smaller accent piece that still creates an element of drama by introducing a great color, print or design, such as an interesting footstool you found, a bold painting, or a side table handcrafted in a unique material.  

Get Creative in the Dining Room

Your designated dining room space is the perfect canvas to let your interior design creativity run wild. This room offers the opportunity to showcase that ornate dining table, a beautiful gilded or antiqued silver bar cart, or that stunning painted hutch. Not a fan of the ornate or gilded? Not a problem. Choose a more refined table design, making the chairs the focal point with bright colors, distinctive fabrics, and bold prints. You can also creatively mismatch chairs using one or two accent chairs right alongside your regular set.  

The most important rule with accent furniture? Don’t overthink it! If something stands out to you in a quality home decor store like Niche, go with your gut and have fun with the design process.  

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