9 Ridiculously Simple Home Décor Ideas

The accents and decorative touches you add to your living spaces are what make your house a home. However, for some, the mere thought of updating a room’s décor is unnerving. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. No matter your creative talents, available time, or budget, it is possible to design a beautiful space with personalized pieces and features. Follow these tips for ridiculously simple (and affordable) home décor ideas that will make your guests feel like they are in the middle of an interior design maverick.


2-in-1 Console Tables

Furniture is often the biggest challenge of outfitting a room. Not only is it difficult to find pieces that work with the available space, but it can also be expensive to purchase several new items. A 2-in-1 console table project can prove a perfect solution. Browse local yard sales to find a console table of any size and shape that you like and (stay with us here) saw it in half. You now have two pieces that can be fixed against a wall. Refinish each table in a style that matches the surrounding décor and you have instant DIY success.


Natural Stencil Art Project

Many people shy away from creating their own wall hangings because they are convinced they aren’t creative enough to make homemade artwork. This is not true. Use your next nature walk as an opportunity to collect unusual leaves, flowers, and branches. Tape your new treasures onto several sheets of cardstock and spray paint each piece in a color that works with the room, using the leaves and twigs as a natural stencil. Remove the item and let the painted sheet dry. Frame each individual finished product and arrange on a wall or shelf for a handmade masterpiece.

Tin Candleholders

We all have tin canisters taking up unnecessary space in our kitchen drawers. Round up these metal containers to create a distinctive candle wall hanging. Customize the small canisters using a colorful contact paper that matches other features in the space. Using kitchen twine, connect each canister to a clothespin attached to a wooden hanger, which you then attach to the wall. Place a tea light into each container and you’ve instantly created a little mood lighting in the space.

Mosaic Flower Frame

A customized frame can quickly spruce up a plain mirror. Best of all, a classic mosaic style is another creative way to up visual appeal without overburdening yourself artistically. Click here for a tutorial on the items you’ll need as well as the steps to follow for project success.


Create A Showcase Wall

Some rooms have a natural focal point…and some do not. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a focal point in your space. Start with a showcase wall. Go beyond a different paint color and find unusual pieces to hang on the wall that will instantly command attention. Visit flea markets and yard sales for inexpensive items that you can group together to transform the room.

Floor Paint

Nothing says we have to focus on the walls to change up the color and vibe of a room. Repainting your floors can cover up scratches and introduce a new look that redefines the space. Best of all, painting is easy, fast, and affordable. Go bold with your color selection or use chalk paint and create a distressed finish for a unique and stylish final look.


Who says you have to use your wallpaper on your walls? There are virtually endless ways to utilize leftover wallpaper throughout your home and living spaces. Adhere a piece to a vinyl window shade to transform a bland fixture into an eye-catching accent. Use a patterned sheet on the inside of your built-ins to create color and interest. Place wallpaper around mirrors or photo frames for attention-grabbing, customized pieces.


Mix Match Chairs

Buying matching chairs individually can be expensive. Lower the overall cost and up the fun factor by opting instead to mix and match your seating. Combine various styles, colors, and materials to create an informal, but festive, vibe around your tables.

Display A Collection

Perhaps the easiest way to jazz up your living spaces is to introduce items you already own. If you have a collection of any type, now may be the perfect time to display it. Vases, figurines, glass pieces – get ready to find a place to show off whatever you have collecting dust in a closet. Bonus: not only do collections deliver visual interest and personalize a space, but they are also an easy way to introduce new colors and patterns without exerting a lot of extra effort.