8 Reasons to Include Plants in Your Interior Design

Your home is your castle. It’s important to make it as comfortable, inviting, and functional as possible. Believe it or not, plants can help optimize all of these things. Flowers and planters do a lot more than just add a touch of life and greenery to your indoor spaces. When used creatively throughout your home, plants can play a vital role in elevating both the overall livability and enjoyment of your rooms.

Here are a few of our favorite reasons to include plans in your interior design:



Seriously. This may fall into the “no-brainer” category, but many of us take for granted that plants help us all breathe a little easier. Not to get all 6th-grade science class here, but let’s refresh a bit. The plants around us absorb our exhaled carbon dioxide and release much-needed oxygen into the surrounding environment. This biological magic act puts plants high up on our list of ideal roommates, especially during seasons when windows and doors are closed for temperature control.

Air Purification

Sure, you can buy HEPA air filters. But plants are so much prettier (and possibly far less expensive). According to NASA’s research, certain air purifying plants can remove 87% of toxins from the air in your home. Even the cleanest, non-smoking homes have toxins from grocery bags, carpets, furniture, and paint. Plants absorb these toxins and release the contaminants into their soil.


Improved Health and Wellbeing

Scientists are starting to look at the health benefits of including plants in your interior design. Studies indicate that having plants in your home can calm your heart rate and lower blood pressure. They may also reduce stress-related muscle tension, headaches, and fatigue. In some cases, it appears that having plants in your home may even help prevent coughs, colds, and the flu

Increased Relaxation

Have you noticed that you feel much more relaxed when you’re in a natural environment? Most people feel the same way. Unfortunately, busy schedules and inclement weather mean it’s not always possible to get outside for a walk in the woods. But you can bring that same relaxing feeling indoors by adding houseplants. Try it! You’ll notice an immediate difference in how the space feels just by adding one potted plant to the room.



Indoor spaces can become dry, particularly during winter months with dry heat flowing into rooms or during summer droughts. Dry air can dehydrate and damage our skin and hair. Plants release moisture as part of the photosynthesis process. In fact, they release the majority of all the water they take in, making them an ideal, natural way to increase the humidity in your home.


Fill Up Dead Spaces

Plants are a great way to use a living thing to fill up dead spaces. Large, empty walls are not only difficult to fill, but they can also make a room feel vacant. Use artwork and floor pieces to take up space on your walls first and then include plants in decorative pots to take up the remaining empty space and create balance and scale to the area.


Adds A Burst Of (Non-Competing) Color

The organic greens of plants are Mother Nature’s way of allowing us to add a fresh burst of color without conflicting with the surrounding shades and hues of a room. Whether you have a bold paint scheme or tend to embrace a more neutral palette, plants can enhance the overall color layout in the room without taking away from its current look.

Softer, Warmer Appearance

Sharp corners and brick walls can create a harsh vibe in a room. Adding plants to solid surfaces or in front of tough angles softens the look and creates a more welcoming appearance. Additionally, bathrooms by nature tend to feel cold and uninviting. Including plants throughout bathrooms of any size can instantly warm up the room.

Noise Reduction

You’re probably familiar with the idea of planting hedges along the edge of your property to reduce noise from passing traffic. The same approach can be used inside. If you’ve got a room with vaulted ceilings or other open areas that make the room feel echo-y, use the stems and leaves from plants to help absorb the sound and make the room quieter.


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