8 Home Furnishings You Can’t Live Without

The right home furnishings and accents can completely transform a room. Style, personal preferences, and trends all come into play when designing our interior layouts and looks. However, there are a few proven staples that transcend the latest fads and fashions as must-have pieces that work in virtually any living space. Whether you’re designing an entirely new space, or renovating an existing room, go into the process knowing these eight home furnishing you can’t (or, at least, shouldn’t try to) live without.


Storage Pieces

Functional storage pieces are a must in virtually every home, and with good reason. Today’s storage pieces are not only equipped to hold all our stuff, but they also come in a wide variety of styles, looks, and designs. Try versatile items like ottomans, benches, and bed frames that serve multiple purposes as both furniture and a place to keep your belongings stored out of sight.

Fun Throw Pillows

Throw pillows often get a bad rep as being the couch equivalent of a necktie – superfluous and without any actual function. This is simply not true. Throw pillows and cushions are an easy and affordable way to instantly change the vibe of your room. Go for a mix of bold, bright patterns with more subtle, monochromatic pieces for an eye-catching layered look on couches, chairs, and loveseats. You can also use various sizes and shapes to create a custom design that enhances the final look.

Area Rugs

Yes, gorgeous hardwood floors should be exposed and celebrated. However, vast stretches of flooring can be wholly redefined with just a few throw area rugs. Remember, a little goes a long way. Adding just a few rugs of varying sizes and shapes can quickly bring cohesion to the room. For extra appeal, try matching the colors in your throw rugs to your new throw pillows and you’ve established a theme you can continue throughout the room.



When it comes to transforming a space on many interior design levels, it’s hard to beat the magic of a mirror. Hanging a mirror in a small area instantly creates the illusion of having more space. Strategically placing your mirror near windows can reflect natural light, making the room brighter. Beyond their many reflective benefits, mirrors can also deliver a multitude of aesthetic benefits as well. Find a frame style that works with the rest of your space. Vibrant colors, patterns, and even a shiny metallic can all create a final look that you’ll love.

Updated Doorknobs and Cabinet Hardware

When was the last time you really took a look at the doorknobs in your interior spaces? Not only do our usually bland, nondescript knobs get virtually no attention, but also over time, these heavily used accents can get really, really dirty. Start with a good cleaning to see if the current style knobs you’re using are adding anything visually to your room. If not, considering installing new ones throughout your home to deliver a little visual pop. Remember, knobs are not exclusively door accessories; update these fixtures on your cabinets, windows, and furniture drawers to really make a design impact.


The sheer versatility of a desk makes it an essential furnishing in any home. No matter how big (or small) your design space, you’ll easily be able to find a desk that fits in the room without taking it over. You can also play around with different configurations and features to boost overall functionality in the room. Whether using it to stay organized as a designated telecommuting area or for another purpose, you’ll never regret including a desk in your interior living spaces.



As we continue to move towards digital readers and tablets, our need for bookshelves to hold actual books has begun to wane a bit. However, bookcases can make a major style statement. Rich, natural wood designs and painted styles can create a focal point in the room as well as connect other aesthetic elements for cohesion throughout the space. Paint the inside of the shelves to coordinate with the wall color for a little added visual appeal. And, of course, don’t feel like you have to use every shelf for books. You can use these units to showcase collections, framed pictures, and even artwork to create a unique display.


One of the best ways to breathe life into your space is to actually use living things in the room. Bring in plants into your interior design. There are a host of plants perfectly suited for your interior spaces. Choose from a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and flowering to elevate the design of the room as well as provide several health benefits such as filtering the air for a bonus win/win.