A Professional Interior Designer Brings More To The Table Than Most Homeowners Expect

You’re about to embark on a new interior design project in your home. You have impeccable taste, a detailed vision, a realistic budget, and have effectively armed yourself with countless hours of all things HGTV. Should you still hire an interior designer?

In a word: yes.

Many homeowners initially resist hiring an interior designer, for a myriad of reasons. Some assume that teaming with a design firm will prove cost prohibitive. Some believe working with an established company means relinquishing control over their project. Others think tapping into the expertise of a reliable outside resource will restrict their personal creativity throughout the process. Fortunately, homeowners often realize their resistance was unwarranted once they’ve actually worked with a skilled and talented interior designer and many of the interior design misconceptions they believed are dissolved. In fact, most people find that hiring a professional to assist with their living space updates yields some significant and surprising project benefits.

Partnering with an experienced, professional designer offers:

Overall Project Savings

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that working with a qualified designer can, in fact, save money throughout the entire project. Your partner will use her trained eye to help you avoid potentially costly decorating mistakes. Additionally, she will help you pinpoint the best places to use your budget as well as where you can cut costs without sacrificing quality. Also, a seasoned professional will quickly assess your existing items to determine what to keep and what to repurpose for even further savings.

Plan of Action

Your designer will evaluate critical factors such as your budget, your concept, and your expected timeframe to create an effective plan of action. Most importantly, your designer will (or at least, should) obsess over all of the details. Once the project begins, she will manage all necessary tasks to keep things progressing forward.

Optimized Functionality

Sure, you want your space to visually dazzle – but aesthetics alone aren’t enough to make your project a success. You should also strive to make your room as functional as possible so you’ll enjoy spending time in it. A professional designer has the insight needed to ensure your project delivers a healthy dose of practicality with all of its eye-catching pizazz.


Extensive Contractor Network

Sometimes, you simply can’t do everything yourself – working with a design firm means you won’t have to. Window installations, fireplaces, new flooring, and built-in shelves are just some of the many renovation upgrades that may require specialized contractors. Your chosen partner will have an extensive network of established industry connections so you can quickly find the right builders, painters, and masons for various features within your space. You can move forward with complete confidence you’re working with vetted artisans who have mastered their specific niches.

Access To Unique Products And Merchandise

Managing your project on your own can mean you’ll be relegated to the limited range of merchandise and products found at local chain stores. Professional designers have access to a wide selection of products not readily available to the consuming public. You’ll be able to find unique pieces you love and achieve a distinctive, one-of-a-kind final look in your home.

Calculated Risks

It’s fun to explore different looks and take chances with your home design project. However, randomly mixing and matching too many styles in the same space can prove disastrous. Your appointed décor specialist will know how to bring your vision to life without visually overwhelming the space to help you master the art of taking calculated risks within your room.

Increased Home Value

Yes, you should create your new space based on your specific tastes and preferences. However, someday you may find yourself in the position of selling your home. A seasoned decorating business will work with you to ensure you not only fill your living areas with things you’ll love looking at, but will also help you make smart choices that increase the overall value of your home with future buyers. A professionally designed home can stand out in even the busiest market and can get your property the attention it deserves for an expedited sale.

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