5 Creative Ways To Use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

There are a number of ways to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint because is not just any paint. Its versatility ensures that you can easily paint over any surface with the least effort but still get absolutely stunning results every time. Chalk Paint can be used for countless projects on virtually any surface, transforming and enhancing any space or piece. No matter the surface, whether it be wood, fabric, glass, iron, or even the floor, chalk paint is an excellent paint choice.
Renovate Your Wooden Furniture

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is an ideal option for restoring dated, wooden furniture. Be sure to first clean the furniture thoroughly using a damp cloth, removing all dirt clinging to the furniture. Remember to check the grains of the wood and paint in their direction. Do not be hesitant to add additional coats. Simply wait to apply until the previous coat has dried. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can be applied using various techniques in order to create unique finishes, giving wooden furniture new life. Chalk Paint can be used on everything from dressers to tables and everything in between.

Bring Life To Fabrics

If you have a sofa set, cushion, or anything similar with a dull fabric, you can breathe life into it using Chalk Paint. Annie Sloan makes it easy to restore color and beauty to faded fabrics or revamp and renew old fabrics. Be sure to tape off areas that are not covered by the fabric so that paint is not applied in those areas. Once the paint has dried, take sandpaper and begin to lightly sand the fabric; this will soften it. Afterwards, take a wet piece of cloth and wipe the fabric to ensure that all dust created by the sandpaper is removed. Fabrics will look vibrant with renewed life, unlike the dull impression it may have given before.

Make Your Concrete Floor Look Trendy  

You can also use Chalk Paint on your concrete floor. Concrete floors are often overlooked during a design project or renovation. However, a simple coat of paint can transform uninteresting flooring into a beautiful statement piece. Over time, concrete floors develop scratches and other discoloration. You can apply Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on flooring, making sure to properly seal with a lacquer. This will give floors a unique luster and increase durability. You could also use stencils during the process, creating unique designs on the floor that will add dimension to the room.

Turn Your Glass Vase Into A Colored Beauty

If you have uninteresting glass vases in your home, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can be used to revamp them into eye-catching flower vases. Always make sure to clean and dry the surface prior to painting. To add character, you can even apply two coats of different colors. You can then take sandpaper and lightly sand down the top layer so that the color of the bottom layer starts to show through. This will give the surface a nice shaded look. You can apply this technique to other glass objects lying around in your house, including tumblers, jugs, bowls, etc.

Give Color To Your Rusted Wrought Iron Bed  

Wrought iron bed frames and headboards can rust over time and lose their color. And if you have one in your home, then you can make it more attractive by using Chalk Paint. Being sure to have a clean surface, you can paint on multiple coats as you normally would. Once dry, it might be a good idea to wax the surface using the Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax. This will make handles and rails of the bed shine, giving it a polished, premium look. Just remember not to apply excess wax to the surface. If you do end up with too much wax, use cheesecloth to remove it.  To make certain parts look aged, use Annie Sloan Dark Soft Wax.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is so versatile, it can be used on practically anything in your home that looks like it could use some color and polish. Chalk Paint requires minimal prep work and delivers impressive results that are sure to add beauty to any room.

Northern Colorado Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Stockist

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